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Chapter 6

Shishmarev's Article

This article by Shishmarev is apparently the only pub-
lished account of the expedition dealing with a topical sub-
ject. It appeared in 1851, and except for the opening and
closing paragraphs was taken directly from his journal.

Captain Shishmarev's Information
about the Chukchi in 1821

In addition to information about the Chukchi of the
northeast coast of Siberia collected by Plenisner (1765),1
Billings (1791), Sarychev (1791), and Litke (1828), we are
adding information gathered by Captain Shishmarev on the
sloop "Good Intent" in 1821 on St. Lawrence Island and in St.
and Mechigmenskaia bays during his famous expedition
with Captain Vasilev in Bering Strait, described in Berkh's
chronological history and in the article, "Russian voyages
round the world" by G. Ivashintsov of parts VII and VIII of
our journal.2 This information, in its comprehensiveness
surpassing everything before it, is taken from Mr. Shish-
's journal preserved in the archives of the Hydrographic

"With good weather and a slight breeze from the WSW
(on July 9, 1821), we succeeded, while sailing, in surveying

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