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Blue eye Mary

Come tell me blue eyes stanger,
Say, wither doth thou roam:
Hast thou O'er this wide world r ranger
Hast thou no friends nor home?

They calld me blue eyed Mary
When friends and fortune smiled;
But, alas! how fortune varies
I, now, am fortune sorrow's child.

Come here I'll buy thy flowers
And ease thy happ'less lot
And wet, with vernal showers,
I'll buy, forget me not.

Kind, sir, then buy these posies
They are withering like my youth
But never like these roses
Shall wither Mary's truth.

Look up thou poor forsaken
I'll give thee house and home
And if I am not mistaken
Thou'll never wish to roam.

Once more, I am happy Mary
Once more hast fortune smiled
Who ne'er from virtue varies
May yet be sorrow's Child


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