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Chap 5:1-20

Continuation of prece-
ding exhortations.

V.1 Behave in a way sui
table to our adaptation.
Be ye therefore xc.
Connected wutg procee-
ding vrs.

We must have the mind of
Christ. V

V.2: Christ gave himself, an
offering & a sacrefice.
Ps.40:6-8 John 19:30.
This was the fruit of his
Love should influence
us also― Walk in love.
Words & deeds.

------- -------- --------- ---------------------------------
V.3 We must gaurd against
sin of uncleaness.
Fornecˉ.; Folly of the unmaried.
--------- -----------
Uncleaness ; All other con-
ducts, violats the [y] th command.
Not be named xc.
Ought not to be named in
the world―
surely not among snts.
see 1 Cor. 6:15-20.
------- ------- ------ ---
Gaurd against covetousness.
Selfish love of the world.
Not be named ―

---- ----- ------ ----------------------------------------------
V.4. We must gaurd against
the sin of the tongue.
James 3:5-10. ― The tongue is
Neither filthiness xc.
Unscemly gestures ― obscene & lewd dis
ilous & abusive
James 1:26. If any man]

---------- ------------ ---------------------------------------
V.5. We must consider that
such conduct unfits for
the Kingdom of God.
For this ye Know ―
What would [such]
do in that holy
Rev.22: 15.]


V.6 Nay, such exposes to
the wrath of God. ―
Let― vain words. Allowable,
―Not provok, 1 ). escape xc.
Wrath of ) for these things.
Rev.21:8. But- The Whoremongers
V.7. Be not ye xc.
of their sin ―
So not of their punishment.

-------- ------------- ----------------------------------------
V.8. Let your christian profess-
ion, induce you to avoid
such conduct & conver-
Darkness. Destitute of
the light of the Spirit \ ) .
Now light― Follower
of Jesus. John 8:12.―
----- --------
Walk xc. Practice those
things, that will bear the
light. ―

--------------- ---------------------------------------------
As we must deny ungodliness,
and worldly lusts, so we must
live as Titus 2:12. ―

V.9 Bring forth the fruit
of the Spirit.
Goodness xc ―

V.10. Proving xc ―

---- -------------------------------------------------------
V.11. Have no fellowship ―

V.12. For it is shame xc

------------------ ------------ --------------
V.13. But all things xc
see v.8.

-------- -------------------------------------------------------
V.14. He saith xc. Throught-
out the Bible. ―

------ -------- ------------------------------------------------
V.15. We must walk wisely.
see then xc.
with an eye all about you.
Matt.25:1-4. ―

----- ----------- ----------------------------------------------
V.16. Improve time.
Redeem, xc. Buy up time.

---- ------- ------------- -- -- --------------------------------
V.17. Study to know the will
of God. Wherefore xc

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