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On baptism; One ordin-
ance of gospel

6. One God. {Voice of nature.
{Of Revelation.
Father of all;
All men by creation —
Saints, by redemption —
Above all; {In his essence —
{In dominion
Through all; Upholding —
In you xc; In believers, as his
temple —

-------- -------- ----- ----------------------------------
7. But unto xc. {the divinity
of grace & gifts
aught to promote
unity, for they
are measured out for that. ―

--- --- --- ------------------------------------------
8. The Saith xc. Ps. 68:18. —
He — Christ. Acts 1:9, 10.
Led xc. Triumphed over
death, Sin, & Satan.
Gave gifts to men; Many gifts
come to men
Christs's [ascod]

------ -------------------------------------------------
9. Now xc. Incarnation.
Ps. 139:15
2. Burial. Ps. 63:9. ―

10. Ascended. He rose & ascended.
Through the death, burial,
and resurection of Christ,
grace & gifts can be bestowed
upon men.

11. And he gave xc

12. For the perfecting xc. Orderl-
ly, spiritual state and frame.
Work of — Ministry a work
laborious work.
Edifying xc } To buid up the Ch.


13. — Unity of faith.
In heaven —
Millenium on earth —
And of the knowledge xc
Know more of Christ —
Views of Him alike —
Unto a perfect man; ful
growth of Graces & gifts —
Unto the measure xc. —
Christians of full matu-
rity —

14. No mor children xc.
In knowledge, wealth in faith.
easily imposed upon.
Tossed xc; like ships without
ballast —
Carried &; like clouds —
Sleight & cunning —
Arts of falst Teachers. —

------ ------- -------------------------------------------
15. Speaking xc. Holding
and speaking according
to the gospel of truth.

------------ -------------------------------------------
16. From whom; Christ —
Body; The Chh.
Fitly xc; Orderly & firmly
united —
By that xc. Spirit, faith,
love, Sacraments —
Accords to the effectual xc
every member com-
municating to others,
what he has received.
Maketh increase; of the Chh.
Unto the edifying xc
so doing, they increase
in love ―

Notes and Questions

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Elizabeth Shand

How might we record the "brackets" in these pages? They appear like cursive "E"s to bracket topics within each subject. For example, on the top of the verso page (~4th line, beginning with the number 6), Mitchell writes "One God" and brackets "Voice of nation. Of Revelation." next to that. There are several more instances throughout.

I have used "{" for now, with the first phrase "Voice of nation" running into the same line as "One God" and "Of Revelation" on a new line. Might these rather be encoded as cells in a table?

Samara Cary

Perhaps the best way for readability would be to start the "{" section on the next line, rather than the same. I think using the curly brackets the way you did makes sense. I don't think we should table encode these instances, as the readability might not translate well.