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Ephesians Chap. 1.
Those, who dwelt in the
City of Ephesus ―
Where is this City?
Paul paid them a short
visit. Acts 18:19,20.
A longer visit Acts 19:1,
10,18,19,20. Temple Diana 24-35.
Here a Church. Acts 19:9.
To whom this Epistle.
To establish them in
the Doctrine of grace,
and direct them to that
course of life, which
was consistant with that
Writer. Paul. Acts 7:58.
8:1. 9. 13:9.
Apostle; Messenger ― Gener-
ally applied to those imm-
ediately sent by J. C. Luke
6:13. Paul Rom 1:1.
How wonderful the grace
of God! 1 Cor. 15:10. 1 Tim. 1:13,14.
We may preach to, & pray
for the vilest. ― And
those, who feel themselves
protest of sinners, may come.
Tto To whom written?
Saints; Holy, consicrated ones.
Why called so? 1 Cor. 6:19.
Faithful; Matt. 25:23.
At Ephesus & elsewhere.
Why to them in particular?
------------- ---------------------- ---------------------
How wicked the Priests xc
who withold?

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The question "Where is this City?" hints that this entry was written prior to 1863 when Ephesus was discovered and excavated in what is now modern-day Turkey.