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had been so largely re-
cited above, ver. 17 xc.
where God promises the
effusion of the Spirit
on their sons & and their
Daughters. Fam. Expos.
Note on the place.
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3. Dr. Hammond. "If any have
made use of that very
inconcludent argument,
Acts 2:39, in support of in-
fant baptism, I have noth-
ing to say in defence of
them. The word children
there, is really the posterity
of the Jews, and not pecu-
liarly their infant children,
Works. Vol.1. p.490.
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4. Limborch, (a learned Divine
of Amsterdam) By tekna
the Apostle understands
not infants, but posterity; in
which signification, the
word occurs in many
places in the New-Testament,



see among others John 8:39.
"If ye were Abraham's
children, ye would do
the works of Abraham.
Whence it appears, that the
argument, which is very
commonly taken from this
passage, for the baptism
of infants, is of no force,
and good for Nothing
Comment. in loc.
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So you see the Baptist in
their exposition of this
text are supported by
emminent peopbaptists.
Once more, those who
were baptized, were those
who had actually received
the word. v.41.
Acts 8:5-12. 35-37.
― 9:18. ―
― 10:44 - 47.
― 18:4 - 8.
19:1 - 7 ―

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Limborch; probably Philipp van Limborch (1633 – 1712) who was a Professor of Divinity

Tekna: worship of religious texts as to think the words are sacred.
Problem for all religions - which version.