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Devo. To wet, to water, moisten
Buthizo. Sink, drown.
Luke 5:7. 1 Tim. 6:9.
Raino & Rantizo. To sprinkle
Heb. 9:13, 19, 21. 10:22.
Bapto. Dip, plunge, dye or stain.
Luke 16:24. John 13:26. Rev. 19:13.
Lev. 4:6. 14:6, 51. Num. 19:18.
Ruth 2:14.

Baptizo. Dip, immerse, plunge.
See concordance of N. T.



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Question: On 4th of May I did a large number of pages on these papers. My computer went down and my graphics card is when I go back into it; every thing that I did on that day is underlined, wondering if you can delete the unlining from your end. Then I can go back in and check it.

Samara Cary

Hi Denise. I see what you mean. Do you see < hi rend="underline" >< /hi > when you go back to the pages? Those lines can be deleted and it will get rid of the underlines. I will try to get to them soon if you are unable to do so. Thank you for letting us know!