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Washington March 8, 1857

My Dear sir I take my pen in hand to write you a few lines to inform you that I am Well and hope these few lines may find you injoying the same blessing. Your poor boy pierce has come to his speedy ruin by letting him choose a negro Mistress. you must allow me to say that this misfortune were brought about by both pierce and you. I told you in your room before you left here that I thought you ought to act in pierce’s case with an eye single to his best interest and not to his own wishes --but you would not & so he is ruin. I am sorry to say, he were brought to his ruin by his request & your consent. have you any mercy. now is your time to show it. have you any feeling for humanity. now is your time to manifest that feeling as never for pierce’s good pierce is very sick from a very bad cold which has fallen in his lungs Dr Johnson is attending on him. you would not know pierce if you were to see him at this time. the police has taken him up. but he being to sick to commit to prison. we taken him to our House.

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