Hanover Cemetery Documents



Nora Cemetery

Dart. Nat. Bk

Louisville Gast & Elect

1st Nev. Cav. Co. B.

Dart. Sav. Bk

Louisville Gast & Electric

4th Liberty Loan

Dartmouth Ceme- tery Association

Maine Central Railroad

4th Loan

Dartmouth Cemetery Ass

Maine Railroad

A. W. Dodge Co.

Dartmouth Cemetery Association

Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital

Andover Theological Seminary

Dartmouth College

Modern Woodmen of America

B & M.

Dartmouth College. Society of Social Friends

Moor's Indian Charity School

B & M. R.R.

Dartmouth College. Theological Society

New Hampshire Bar Association

B.+M. R. R.

Dartmouth College. Trustees

New Hampshire. General Court

Bank Co. W.

Dartmouth College. Tuck School of Business

New Hampshire. General Court. Senate


Dartmouth College. United Fraternity

New Hampshire. Office of the Secretary of State

Bellevue Hospital Medical College

Dartmouth Medical College

New Hampshire. State Department of Health. Division of Vital Statistics

Berkshire Medical Institution (Pittsfield, Mass.)

Dartmouth Medical School

No. Carolina Joint Stock

Berlin Mills

Dartmouth National Bank

No. Carolina St. L B

Berlin Mills Co

Dartmouth Printing Co.

No. Carolinia Jt. Stk. Ld. Bk

Berlin Mills Co.

Dartmouth Sav. Bk

North Carolina Joint Stock L. B.

Beta Theta Pi

Dartmouth Savings Bank

North Carolina Joint Stock Land Bank of Durham

Big Horn

Delaware W. Co

Omaha & Council Bluff Ry

Big Horn Co.

Delaware Water C.

Omaha & Council Bluffs

Big Horn County

Delaware Water Co.

Omaha & Council Bluffs Railway & Bridge Company

Boston & Maine

Delaware Water Company

Omaha & Council Bluffs St. Ry.

Boston & Maine R. R.

Deleware Water Company

Omaha & Council Bluffs St.Ry.

Boston & Maine R.R.

Deleware Water Power

Omaha + Council Bluffs St. Ry.

Boston + Maine R. R. Co.

Democratic Republican

Omaha and Council Bluffs

Boston + Maine R.R.

Dick Hawes Trucking

Omaha and Council Bluffs Street Railway Company

Boston and Maine R. R.

Directors of the Dartmouth Cemetery Association

Omaha Council Bluffs

Boston and Maine R.R.

E. B. & S.

Parker - Young

Bowdoin College

E. B. & Share

Parker - Young Co.

Brown Co

E. J. Fud Co.

Parker Young & Co.

Brown Co.

E. P. Storrs Estate Perp. Care

Parker Young Co

Brown Company Cumberland

E. S. B.

Parker Young Co.

C & M

E. S. Bank

Parker-Young Company

C & M R R

E. T. Fud & Co.

Parker. Young Co

C & M.

East S. Bank

Pass R R

C & M. R R

Elec. B & Share

Pass. R R

C & P R R

Elec. B. & Share


C & P Rio. R R

Elec. B. and S.

Passumpsic R R

C & P. R R

Elec. Bond & Share

Percy Fundy Co.

C&M. R R

Electric Bond & Share

Percy G. Crocker & Co.

C. & M.

Electric Bond + Share

Philadelphia Bar Association

C. & M. R R

Electric Bond and share

Pine Knoll Cemetery

C. & M. R. R.

Electric Bond and Share Co

Princeton University

C. & P. R R

Ella Fowler Estate Perp. Care

Riverdale Cemetery (Lewiston, N.Y.)

C. & P. R. R

First Congrega - tional Society

Sav Bk

C. & P. R. R.

First Congregational Church

Sav. B.

C. &. P. R R

First Congregational Church (Hanover Center, N.H.)

Sav. Bank

C. &. P. R. R

First Congregational Society

Sav. Bk

C. &. P. R. R.


South Congregational Church (Concord, N.H.)

C. &.M.

Fourth Lib. Loan

St. Thomas Church (Md.)

C. A. Holden

Fourth Liberty Loan

Stewart Iron Works

C. C. Pr & Lt.

Gan. R R

Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts

C. C. Pr. & Lgt.


T. E. Ward, Inc.

C. C. Pr. & Lt

H. W. W.

Thayer School Civil Engineering Dartmouth College

C. C. Pr. & Lt. Co.

H. W. W. Co.

The Dartmouth Bookstore

C. D. Brown & Co.

Hamilton College (Clinton, N.Y.)

The Dartmouth Cemetery Association

Canton Water

Han. Aq.

Thomas E. Ward, Inc.

Church of Christ at Dartmouth College

Han. W. W.

Thomas E. Ward, Incorporated

Clara Marshall Perp.Care

Han. W. W. Co.

Tidewater Power Co.

Clark School

Hanover (N.H. : Town)

Town of Hanover

Co. E. 1 Me. Hv. Arty.

Hanover Aq. Ass

Tucker, Anthony & Co.

Co. G. I N.H. Inf.

Hanover Aq. Co.

U. S.

Co. K. 18th. N.H.V.

Hanover Aqueduct Association

U. S. Government

College Church

Hanover Cener Cemetery Association

U. S. Treas.

Concord & Montreal

Hanover Center Cem- etery Association

U. S. Treasury

Concord & Montreal R R

Hanover Center Cemetery Association


Concord & Montreal R.R.

Hanover Center Cemmetry [sic] Association

U.S. Liberty

Congregational Church at Dartmouth College

Hanover Center, N.H. Cemetery Association

U.S. Liberty Bonds

Conn & Pass R R

Hanover Centre

U.S. Steel

Conn & Pass R. R.

Hanover Centre Cemetery Asso- ciation


Conn River Power Co.

Hanover Centre Cemetery Association

Union Theological Seminary (New York, N.Y.)

Conn. & Pass.

Hanover Ctr. Cemetery Association

United States Army

Conn. & Pass. R.R.

Hanover Fire Department

United States Steel Company

Conn. & Passumpsic R R

Hanover Gazette

United States Treasury

Conn. & Passumpsic R.R.

Hanover W W

United States. Army. Field Artillery Regiment, 303rd. Battery F

Conn. & Passumpsic River R.R.

Hanover W. W.

United States. Army. Infantry Regiment, 103rd (1917-1919). Company E

Conn. & Passumpsic Rivers R. R. Co.

Hanover W. W. Co

United States. Army. Intelligence. Cavalry

Conn. & Passumpssic R. R. R.

Hanover W. W. Co.

United States. Army. Maine Infantry Regiment

Conn. & Passumpssic River R. R. Co

Hanover Water Co.

United States. Army. Michigan Infantry Regiment, 17th (1862-1865). Company E

Conn. + Passumpsic R. R. Co.

Hanover Water Works Co

United States. Army. Motor Transport Corps

Connecticut & Passumssic R. R. Co

Hanover Water Works Company

United States. Army. New Hampshire Infantry Regiment, 11th (1862-1865). Company G

Connecticut + Passumpsic R. R. Co.

Hanover, N.H. Selectmen

United States. Army. Vermont Infantry Regiment, 5th (1861-1865)

Connecticut and Passumpsic Railroad Company


United States. Marine Corps Reserve

Connecticut and Passumpsic Rivers Railroad Company

Hartford R R

United States. Navy

Court of Probate

Hereford R R

United States. Navy. Hospital Corps


Hereford Railway Company

United States. Veterans Bureau

Cumberland Co. P & L

Hereford Ry

Univ. Dart.

Cumberland Co. P. & L.

Inn Garage

University of Michigan

Cumberland Country Pr. & Light

Jane Noyes Smith

Ward Manor (Red Hook, N.Y.)

Cumberland County Lt. + Pr. Co.


Water Works

Cumberland County Power & Light

Liberty Bond

West-End Sewage Co

Cumberland County Power and Light

Lide Water Power Co.

Western Reserve College (1826-1882)

Cumberland County Pr. + Lt. Co.

Louisvilee Gas & elect.

Yale University

Cumberland P & L

Louisville G. & E.

York Co. W

D. N. B.

Louisville G. & El

York Co. W.

D. S. B.

Louisville Ga

York Co. Water

D. S. Bank

Louisville Gas

York County W.

Dart S. Bank

Louisville Gas & elect.

York County W. W.

Dart Sav. Bk

Louisville Gas & Elect. Co.

York County Water

Dart Savings Bank

Louisville Gas & Electric

York County Water Co.


Fwd L. Allen

E. H. Clayton

Metcalf, Sarah

A A Plummacer

E. H. Williams

Metcals, Sarah

A. A. Phunman

E. Hitchcock

Miles A. Lacoss

A. Bayley

E. J. Ford

Millard G. Hurlbutt

A. F Sheleen

E. J. Frank

Miller, Cliff Addison

A. F. Sheleen

E. J. Fund

Miller, Helen R.

A. G. Falcun

E. K. Hall

Miller, John E. L.

A. H. Chivers

E. M. L. Sphirs

Miller, John, 1868-1869

A. H. Crosby

E. O'Gara

Miss E. L. Morse

A. H. N. C. Abbot

E. P. Storrs

Miss F. Eastman

A. H. Roberts

E. R. Ruggle

Miss Lang

A. H. Waterman

E. R. Ruggles

Miss Long

A. J. Hardy

E. S. Conner

Miss Lord

A. K. Hutchins

E. T. Fud

Miss Sanborn

A. Kibbre

E. T. Fund

Miss. Tinyes

A. N. Conner

E. W. Hunter

Mollie Tucker

A. O. Brewster

E. W. Kibling

Monahan, Theodore

A. W. Cofran

E. W. Smiths

Montague, Emily

A. W. Conner


Moody, Andrew

A. W. Conner, Jr.

E.R. Ruggles

Moody, Sarah Lord

A. W. Folsom

Eager, George

Morey, Claude

A. W. Gayer

Eager, Levinia

Morey, Edwin G.

A.B. Nyc

Eager, Polly

Morey, Edwin George

A.W. Conner

Eaied C Gordon.

Morey, Fred T.

Abbott, Adeline M. (Remington)

Eammon J. Powers

Morey, Gertrude

Abbott, Benjamin

Earl Gordon

Morey, Isaac

Abbott, Harriet N.C.

Earle, Elizabeth Dixon

Morey, Jane (Hutton)

Adams, Adeline Augusta

Eaton, Clara Winters

Morey, Jarusha

Adams, Beulah

Eaton, Elizabeth

Morin, Rita

Adams, Carper, 1775-1847

Eaton, Elsie


Adams, Carper, 1841-1858

Ed Arnell

Morrisette, A.J.

Adams, Charles D.

Ed Grant

Morrisette, Alfred J.

Adams, Charles Darwin

Ed. Grant

Morrisette, Arthur J.

Adams, David E.

Edgerton, Halsey Charles

Morrisette, Carline A. (Biathrow)

Adams, Ebenezer, 1765-1841

Edson, Alice Hattie (Warden)

Morrisette, Ernest

Adams, Ebenezer, Jr., 1813-1837

Edson, Andrew W.

Morrisette, George

Adams, Eli H.

Edson, Marshall Otto

Morrisette, Hazel L.

Adams, Elizabeth W.

Edson, Raymond Earle


Adams, Ephraim

Edw Gordon

Morse, Alfred

Adams, Grace (Smith)

Edw. H Doyle

Morse, Huldah W.

Adams, Henry

Edw. P. Haskell

Morse, J.B.

Adams, Herbert L.

Edw. P. Haskill

Morse, Joseph Bartlett

Adams, James S.

Edward Combs

Morse, Maria (Ripley)

Adams, Joseph

Edward J. Powers

Morse, Solomon S.

Adams, Julia Stevens

Edward P Haskell

Morse, Solon S.

Adams, Lilla M. (Wood)

Edwards, John E.

Morton, Levi P.

Adams, Martha

Edwards, John W., Jr.

Morton, Lillian I.

Adams, Mary (Page)

Edwin W Sanborn

Moulton, Mary

Adams, Mehitable

Edwin W. Sanborn


Adams, Rebekah

Edwon, Andrew W.

Mr Barter

Adams, Robert E.

Ellis Dearing, June E.

Mr. A. K. Hardy

Adams, Sarah A.

Ellis, Carl

Mr. Chamberlain

Adams, Sarah T. (Thacher)

Ellis, Carl H.

Mr. Philip Walker

Adams, W. A.

Ellis, June E.

Mr. Tryall

Adams, W. A. (Warren Austin), 1861-

Ellis, Mrs. Carl

Mr. Whittier

Addie E. Barnes

Emerson, Anna (Pope)



Emerson, Anna Pope (Shurtleff)

Mrs Gen. Hitchcock

Aiken, Nancy

Emerson, Betsey G.

Mrs M. B. Morse

Aiken, Samuel

Emerson, C.F.

Mrs Stephen Loring

Alden, Abigail (Willard)

Emerson, Caroline Flagg

Mrs [Gen.] Hitchcock

Alden, Samuel

Emerson, Charles

Mrs. Allen

Aldrich, E. A.

Emerson, Charles F.

Mrs. Brewster

Aldrich, Edna, (infant)

Emerson, Charles Franklin

Mrs. C. F. Richardson

Aldrich, J. M. E

Emerson, F. G.

Mrs. C. P. Richardson

Aldrich, James E.

Emerson, Joseph

Mrs. Edward Kinney

Aldrich, James M., 1821-1874

Emerson, Jr., Joseph

Mrs. Esther R. Stanley

Aldrich, Martha Jane

Emerson, Lysias

Mrs. F. G. Allen

Aldrich, Mary M.

Emerson, Martha

Mrs. F. L. Allen

Aldrich, Maurice C.

Emerson, Roswell Shurtleff

Mrs. Frank E. Brown

Aldrich, Melissa A.

Emery, Fred

Mrs. Frank Smally

Aldridge, Madison

Emery, Fred Parker

Mrs. Frary

Alimonti, Antonio

Emery, John

Mrs. Geo. Allen

Allard, Harriet Foster

Emery, Jonathan

Mrs. Geo. W. Allen

Allard, Horatio (senior)

Emery, Mary (Chesley)

Mrs. H. F. Derby

Allard, Horatio Eugene, 1863-1943

Emery, Mary Chesley

Mrs. Helen Wiltshire

Allen, Edward M.

Emery, Sally

Mrs. Helen Worthen

Allen, Ella A. (Simons)

Emily H. Hitchcock

Mrs. Helen Worther

Allen, Frank C.

Emma J. Boutnell Reynolds

Mrs. Henry E. Sanborn

Allen, Frederick J. (Frederick James), 1864-1927

Emma J. Bouturell Reynolds

Mrs. Larkin

Allen, George H.

Emma J. Boutwell Reynolds

Mrs. Lem E. Avery

Allen, Ira B.

Emma J. Brutnell Reynolds

Mrs. Long

Allen, Jane C.

Emma J. Powers

Mrs. M. B. Peabody

Allen, Maria Porter (Hitchcock)

Ensworth, Jennie W.

Mrs. M. H. Allen

Allen, Ralph

Ensworth, William E.

Mrs. Palmer

Allen, Susibel (Holt)

Etta J. Boyd

Mrs. Rachael Richardson

Allier H. Spaulding

Eunnum Powers

Mrs. T. W. D Worther

Amaral, Elbina T.

Eva M. Homan

Mrs. T. W. D. Wothen

Amaral, Harriet (Donaldson)

Eva M. Record

Mrs. T. W. N. Worthen

Amaral, Manuel M.

Evans, Carrie M.

Mrs. Whettier

Ames, Adelbert, Jr.

F Chase

Mrs. Whittier

Ammel, Bessie R.

F. A. Hayne

Myra Spencer

Ammel, Edward E.

F. A. Musyer

N. A. Frost

Ammel, Edward G.

F. A. Sherman

N. A. Kissinger

Ammel, Edward J.

F. A. Shermman

N. A. Murray

Ammel, Effie Valerie

F. A. Whythe

Nardy, A. S.

Ammel, Helen J.

F. C. Austin

Neal, Benjamin F., 1852-1853

Anderson, Helen A.

F. Chase

Neal, Benjamin, 1850-1852

Andrews, Caroline M.

F. E. Austin

Neal, E. P.

Arthur Curley

F. G. Ames

Neal, E.P.

Arthur H.Chivers

F. J. Williams

Neal, M.J.

Asa M. Waters

F. M. Little

Neef, Francis J. A.

Asa N. Fellows

F. N. Muarun

Neef, Francis J.A

Asa W.

F. Pierce

Nellie M MacDonald

Asa W. Fellows

F. W. Damian

Nellie M. MacDonald

Asa W. Waters

F. W. Gould

Nelson Hall


Fairbanks, Alice Lord

Nelson, Howard

Ashley K. Hardy

Fairbanks, Annie Noyes

Newcomb, Levi

Aubey, Israel

Fairbanks, Arthur

Newton, Charlie C.

Aubey, Jennie J. (Rines)

Fairbanks, Elizabeth Moody

Newton, Clementine P.

Aubey, Millard Henry

Fairbanks, Henry

Newton, E.B.

Aulis, Charles

Fairfield, A.P.

Newton, Elias B.

Aulis, Cora L. (Fossett)

Fairfield, Amelia Griffith

Newton, Francis Blanchard

Aulis, Eva M.

Fairfield, Arthur Perry

Newton, John Tyler

Aulis, George W.

Falconer, A. G.

Newton, N.E.

Aulis, John

Falconer, Alexander G.

Newton, Nellie Estella (Stevens)

Aulis, John F.

Falconer, Arthur R.

Nichols, Henry T.

Aulis, Lillian A. (Fossett)

Falconer, Gordon F.

Nichols, Mrs. E. F.

Aulis, Maude L. (Wheeler)

Falconer, Honora E. (McGee)

Nichols, Nancy P. (Eastman)

Austin, F. E.

Falconer, Mabel C.

Nichols, Roscoe C.

Austin, Frank E.

Fanny G. Medbury

Norris, Agnes M.

Austin, Harrison E.

Farmer, Carl

Norris, Angeline

Austin, M. N.

Farmer, Carl L.

Norris, J. L.

Avery, Alton W.

Farmer, Everett

Norris, J.L.

Avery, Clair E.

Farmer, L. F.

Norris, John L.

Avery, Florilla

Fay, Sidney B.

Norris, John L., 1837-1913

Avery, Florilla H.

Fay, Sidney Bradshaw

Norris, John L., II

Avery, Leon E.

Fellows, Asa Wright

Norris, John L., II, 1868-1944

Avery, Philip S.

Ferguson, Archibald

Norton, Max A.

Avery, Philip Stearns

Ferguson, Jessie (Davidson)


Avery, Roland J.

Field, Cornelius A.

Noyes, Daniel J.

Avery, Ruth

Field, E. D.

Noyes, Daniel James, 1811-1885

Avery, William

Field, Elizabeth

Noyes, Daniel James, Jr., -1913

B. E. Levin

Field, Nancy Maria (Dewey)

Noyes, Jane Morrill (Aiken)

B. G. Codman

Field, Nancy Maria Dewey

Noyes, John W.

B. J. Blanford

Filiau, Clarence G.

Noyes, Samuel Aiken

B. Ruggles

Filiau, George

Nye, A. B.

B.. J. Blanford

Filiau, George N.

O'Gara, Bridget (Crummy)

Babcock, Alice

Filiau, Jennie S. (Barnes)

O'Gara, Daniel J.

Babcock, Mary W.

Fitts, Alvin W.

O'Gara, Domnick, 1786-1859

Babcock, Paul

Flanders, Mary E. (Little)

O'Gara, Domnick, Jr., 1842-1857

Badger, Margaret Pearl Dunsmore

Flanders, Philip C.

O'Gara, John

Badger, Myrtle Laura

Flanders, Philip G.

O'Gara, John, 1828-1915

Badger, R. E.

Flent, John P.

O'Gara, John, Jr., 1859-1882

Badger, R. T.

Fletcher, Mary Ellen (Huntington)

O'Gara, Katie

Badger, William Henry Peaslee

Fletcher, Robert

O'Gara, Lizzie

Bailey, Milton D.

Fletcher, Robert H.

O'Gara, Maria

Bailey, Nellie A. (Weatherbee)

Fletcher, Robert H., 1875-1919

O'Gara, Michael

Baker, Cornelia (Long)

Fletcher, Robert, 1847-1936

O'Lara, E. D.

Balch, Adna Perkins

Flint, Clarissa G.

O. W. Folsom

Balch, Emily Montague

Flint, Florence P.

O.W. Folsom

Balch, Helen

Flint, Harlan P.

Olcott, Mary Porter, 1812-1813

Balch, Julia Ann

Flint, John P.

Olcott, Mills

Balch, Susan (Bibby)

Flint, John W.

Olcott, Peter

Balch, William Von Beaverhoudt

Flint, Julia M.

Olcott, Sarah Porter

Baldwin, Frank

Flint, Oliver S.

Oliver, Daniel

Baldwin, Jedh, Jr., 1796-1797

Flint, Percis C.

Oliver, Mary Ellen

Baldwin, Jedh, Sr.

Florence A. Elder

Oliver, Mary R.

Baldwin, Laura

Florence W. B. Plalt

Oliver, Sarah (Pynchon), 1757-1832

Baldwin, Nabby

Fogg, Daniel

Oliver, Sarah Pynchon, 1791-1853

Banahan, Alice A. (Clark)

Fogg, David

Oliver, Sarah, 1832-1832

Banahan, John

Fogg, Mary

Oliver, Thomas

Barker, Barney

Fogg, Phinehas

Oliver, Thomas Fytche

Barker, Ellen M. (Benton)

Folsom, A. W.

Olmstead, John A.

Barnes, Arthur J.

Folsom, Elizabeth (Varney)

Olmsted, John A.

Barnes, Hattie P.

Folsom, Harriet E.

Olmsted, Laura A.

Barnes, Henry L.

Folsom, Henry A.

Olmsted, Mary

Barnes, Herbert W.

Folsom, Jesse

Orcutt, Mills

Barnes, William L.

Folsom, Marion Elizabeth

Ordway, Annie Kibbie

Barron, Carrie

Ford, E.T.

Orr, Frances

Barron, Louis

Ford, Elmer T.

Orr, John

Barron, Mabel A.

Foster, Fred K.

Orr, Mary

Barrows, Martha

Foster, George

Orr, Roxy (Griffin)

Bartlett, Caroline Elizabeth (Rice)

Foster, Jane

Overfield, John

Bartlett, Edwin Julius

Foster, Mary

P Kellam

Bartlett, Edwin Rice

Foster, Mary D.

P. E. Conner

Bartlett, Fanny Gordon

Foster, Mary D., 1788-1806

P. H. Whitcomb

Bartlett, Gershom, 1723-1798

Foster, Mary, 1783-1784

P. J. Sullivan

Bartlett, Harriette Louise

Fountain -

P. N. E. Bissell

Bartlett, Jane (Potter)

Fountain, (Julia) (Margaret Evelyn)

P. S. Kellam

Bartlett, John Foster

Fountain, Earl

P. Serafine

Bartlett, Mary Bacon (Learned)

Fountain, Florence

Packard, Artemas

Bartlett, Percy

Fountain, Florence Ethel

Packard, Marjorie Lord

Bartlett, Samuel C.

Fountain, Grace

Packard, Mary Dana

Bartlett, Samuel Colcord

Fountain, Henry

Page, William Leavitt

Bartlett, Stephen

Fountain, Irving

Palmer (Lord), Georgie

Barton, Anna (Niergath)

Fountain, Joseph

Palmer, Joseph

Barton, Elizabeth E. (Spofford)

Fountain, Joseph, Jr.

Palmer, Joseph, Jr.

Barton, Ralph M.

Fountain, Julia

Palmer, Lucinda

Barton, Verna C. (Cate)

Fountain, Laura

Palmer, Mary Lord

Barwood, Arthur Charles

Fountain, Mary D. (Labby)

Palmer, Minnie L.

Barwood, Arthur G.

Fountain, May

Pardee, Benjamin S.

Barwood, C. P.

Fountain, Peter

Pardee, Louisa G.

Barwood, Charles P.

Fountain, Susan

Pardee, Mary Ann

Barwood, Dorothy Elizabeth

Fowler, Ella L.

Pardee, William

Barwood, E.

Fowler, George Wood

Parker, Fred F.

Barwood, Edith May (Brown)

Fowler, Mary Ella

Parker, George Henry

Barwood, Elizabeth

Fox, Daiel

Parker, Henry E.

Barwood, James Antony

Fox, Daniel

Parker, Henry Elijah

Barwood, Miriam (Filiau)

Fox, Estella

Parker, Henry F.

Batchelder, Charles N.

Fox, Leo D.

Parker, John

Bean, Elizabeth (Ballam)

Francis Brown

Parker, Mary E. H.

Bean, Oliver L.

Frank A. Emerson

Parker, Virginia (Musk)

Beaubian, L.D.

Frank Allen

Parks, Charles

Beaubien, Louis D.

Frank Brown

Parks, George

Beaubien, P. J.

Frank E. Brown

Parks, Horace

Beaubien, Zoe (St. John)

Frary, Amanda M.

Parks, Jane

Beck, Adrian

Frary, Horace

Parks, Levi

Beck, Fritz

Frary, Sarah (Hutchins)

Parks, Louisa

Beck, Fritz, 1874-1949

Fred Allen

Parks, Peggy Jane


Fred Chase

Patch, J. S.

Beedy, Matilda S.

Fred Hodge

Pattee, Ida

Beedy, Matilda Sarah

Fred L. Allen

Pattee, Jason

Beetle, Helen A.

Fredett, Mabel C.

Pattee, Lucinda

Beetle, Norman D.

Freeman, Elizabeth Digby Belcher (Oliver)

Patten, Elizabeth (Merrill)

Beetle, Ralph Dennison, 1886-1937

Freeman, Jonathan

Patten, William

Belcher, Elizabeth Digby (Oliver)

Frost, Carleton P.

Patterson, Arthur Herbert

Bemis, Allen C.

Frost, Carlton P.

Patterson, J.W.

Benezet, Genevieve T.

Frost, Carlton Pennington

Patterson, James Willis

Benezet, Louis P.

Frost, Dr. Carleton P.

Patterson, Sarah Parker Wilder

Benson, Caroline Adelaide

Frost, Eleanor Louise

Paulsen, Mildred Cram

Benson, G. W.

Frost, Eliza Ann (DuBois)

Peabody, David

Benson, G.W., 1816-1859

Frost, Gilman DuBois

Peabody, Henry C.

Benson, George W.

Frost, Margaret Thurston

Peabody, M. B.

Benson, George W., 1859-1863

Frost, Newton A.


Benson, Maria T.

Frost, Newton Alvin

Peaslee, E. R. (Edmund Randolph), 1814-1878

Benson, Ruth T.

Frost, Philip Thurston

Peaslee, Edmund R.

Benson, William T.

Frost, Walter Alvin

Peaslee, Edmund, 1846-1847

Benton, Achsah, 1779-1841

Fud H. Fester

Peaslee, Frances M.

Benton, Achsah, 1803-1849

Fuller, Caleb

Peaslee, Frederick

Benton, Addie B.

Fuller, Enoch D.

Peaslee, Martha Kendrick

Benton, Ann H.

Fuller, Hannah


Benton, Ann O.

Fuller, John M.

Pelton (Walker), Helen

Benton, Annette A.

Fuller, Martha (Driggs)

Pelton, Arthur S.

Benton, Belle (Bickford)


Pelton, D. Brewster

Benton, C.F.

Furber, Maria B.

Pelton, Edward

Benton, Calista M.

G. D. B. Ruggles

Pelton, Esther Carrie

Benton, Charles

G. W. Kibling

Pelton, Frank

Benton, Edward

G. W. Rand

Pelton, Frank Arthur

Benton, Elizabeth L.

G. Ward

Pelton, Frank Bailey

Benton, Harvey

Gale, John O.

Pelton, Grace Dewey

Benton, James M.

Gamble, Ross

Pelton, Helen (Walker)

Benton, Julia M.

Garland, Jonathan S.

Pelton, Henry

Benton, Martha A.

Garvin, Joe

Pelton, Ida Jane

Benton, Nettie

Gates, Betsey Cook

Pelton, James Henry

Benton, Orrilla G.

Gates, Billy R.

Pelton, Margaret

Benton, Orrilla G., 1812-1843

Gates, Carl M.

Pelton, Mary Bailey

Benton, Orrilla G., 1843-1843

Gates, Catherine B.

Pelton, Nettie

Benton, Reubon

Gates, Clarissa

Pelton, W. B.

Benton, Wooster

Gates, Electa

Pelton, Walter

Bergeron, Adeline (Ouillette)

Gates, Electra

Pelton, Willie

Bergeron, C.

Gates, George Thomas

Pennock, Susie D.

Bergeron, C. Frederick

Gates, Huldah (Ormsbee)

Perkins, Frank LeRoy

Bergeron, Charles H.

Gates, Laban

Perkins, Gleason L.

Bergeron, Fred

Gates, Laben

Perkins, Mary E. (Bergeron)

Berna, Anne (Prescott)

Gates, Lucia

Perkins, Moses Bradstreet

Berry, Martha

Gates, Mary Ann (Flint)

Perley, H.S.

Berwick, Henry Arthur

Gates, Paul Henry

Perley, Herbert S.

Berwick, Henry Arthur (Harry)

Gates, Thomas

Perley, Herbert Stevens

Berwick, Joseph

Gaxifly, Gardie

Perley, Pearl Avery

Bianchi, Antonietta

Gen H. Clayton

Perry, Lucretia J.

Bianchi, Antonio

Gen. W. Kibling

Perry, Maria S.

Bianchi, Florence

Geo. Allen

Person, H. S.

Bielschowsky, Alfred

Geo. H. Bissell

Person, Harlow Stafford

Bigelow, Harriet M. (Smith)

Geo. M. Bridgman

Person, Mary Carson

Bill, E. Gordon

Geo. O. G. Coale

Pettie, C. H.

Bill, Lucy Vanmash

Geo. O. J. Coale

Philip Flanders

Bill, Lucy Vanwart

Geo. O. T. Coale

Phillips, Herman Jonas

Bingham, Jabez

George H. Bissell

Phillips, Rachel Emma (Gove)

Bingham, Mary

George M. Bridgman

Piane, John M.

Bisbee, M. D.

George O. C. Coale

Pierce, Albion

Bisbee, Marvin Davis

Geuseppantino, Agostino

Pierce, B. P.

Bisbee, Susan Augusta

Gibbs, Maria H.

Pierce, Benjamin Franklin


Gibbs, Wealthy H.

Pierce, Carrie F. V. (Gove)

Bissell, Amelia (Leavitt)

Gibbs, William H.

Pike, Clara Isabel

Bissell, Amelia Maria

Gibson, Archie G.

Pike, Clarence Melvin

Bissell, Betsey

Gibson, E.

Pike, Frank M.

Bissell, Caroline Elizabeth

Gibson, Elizabeth

Pike, Laura M. (Green)

Bissell, George

Gibson, Eva

Pike, M. P.

Bissell, George H.

Gibson, W. E.

Pike, Mary Sabina (Armstrong)

Bissell, George H., 1821-1884

Gilber, Mrs. Marian E.

Pike, Munroe

Bissell, George, 1788-1797

Gilbert, Marion Ellis

Pike, Sewell S.

Bissell, George, 1801-1802

Gile, Catharine

Pillsbury, George F.

Bissell, George, 1803-1804

Gile, John M.

Pillsbury, Maria E. (Prescott)

Bissell, Isaac

Gile, John Martin

Pinneo, Joseph

Bissell, Nancy (Nina) (Wempe)

Gile, Vesta F.

Pinneo, Julia O. W.

Bissell, Orphie Louise

Gile, Vesta Fowler

Piper, Ava E.

Bissell, Samuel

Gilman, Tristam

Piper, Benjamin

Bissell, Sarah

Gilson, Clara E. (Davis)

Piper, Benjamin C.

Blach, Julia Ann

Gilson, Howard E.

Piper, Carroll G.

Blaisdell, Charlotte O.

Gilson, Mabelle B. (Spencer)

Piper, Flora E. (Trask)

Blaisdell, Jonathan T., 1823-1824

Given, Joseph M.

Piper, Jane R.

Blaisdell, Jonathan, (Sr.)

Given, Lucinda C.

Piper, Rhoda E.

Blaisdell, Mary A., 1825-1832

Givin, Joseph M.


Blaisdell, Mary, (Sr.)

Gleason -

Poisson, John

Blanchard, A. A.

Gleason, Eugene H.

Pollens, Louis

Blanchard, A.A.

Gleason, Laura A. (Hunt)

Pollens, Louis Allen

Blanchard, Ruth

Gliddon, Carl H.

Pollens, Louis Allen, 1869-1893

Blanpied, Benjamin T.

Gliddon, Marion Conner

Pollens, Louis, 1838-1895

Blanpied, Benjamin Thomas

Goodell, E. A.

Pollens, Olive Allen

Blanpied, Sarah (Dimond)

Goodell, John

Pollins, Louis

Blaufield, Benjamin T.

Goodenow, Daniel

Poole, Anna Louise (Gunn)

Bliss, Martha

Goodenow, Henry

Poole, Betsey H.

Bly, Helen A.

Goodenow, Kate

Poole, Charlotte J.

Bly, Henry O.

Goodhue, Claude

Poole, Georgianna

Bolser, C. Ernest

Goodhue, George

Poole, Hattie A.

Bolser, Charles E.

Goodrich, Josiah

Poole, James

Bolser, Ina (Chivers)

Goodrich, Lucy (Bishop)

Poole, John J.

Bond, A. B.

Goodrich, Oliver

Poole, Lucy

Bond, Eleanor Mae

Goodrich, Submit Shattuck

Poole, Minnie A. (Cobb)

Bond, Elizabeth

Gordon Cloud

Poole, William H.

Bond, Ella M.

Gordon, E. C.

Poole, William H., 1821-1888

Bond, John

Goss, Ada M.

Poole, William H., 1860-1938

Bond, John H.

Gould, Edward

Poole, William W.

Bond, John J.

Gould, Margaret

Poole, Wm. H.

Bond, Marguerite

Gould, Margaret H., 1887-1963

Poor, John

Borry, Etta

Gould, Margaret, 1858-1907

Poor, John Merrill

Borry, Norman

Gove, A. L.

Poor, Sarah Helen (Noyes)

Borry, Rita

Gove, Allie Lucius

Pope, Joseph

Borry, Vincent

Gove, Almira S.

Porter, Asa

Boucher (Bushee), Joseph

Gove, Dixi C.

Porter, Asa C.

Boucher, Joseph

Gove, Elsie M.

Porter, Ben

Boucher, Thomas

Gove, Fabienne I.

Porter, Daniel

Boudinot, Adriana (Von Beverhoudt)

Gove, Frank J.

Porter, Hetty

Boudinot, Tobias

Gove, Jasper Andrew

Porter, Joseph

Boutwell, Elsie A.

Gove, Jennie

Porter, Lottie B. (Russell)

Boutwell, Emma J.

Gove, L. D.

Porter, Martha (Olcott)

Boutwell, Harry L.

Gove, Lorenzo

Porter, Minnie H. (Crosby)

Boutwell, Jennie Crosby Gilman

Gove, Lorenzo Dow

Porter, Sarah

Boutwell, Julia A.

Gove, Lorenzo, 1849-1850

Powers, Abbie L.

Boutwell, Luman

Gove, Lucius A.

Powers, Abijah C.

Boutwell, Luman, 1806-1882

Gove, Rachel Ball

Powers, Amos B.

Boutwell, Luman, Jr., 1846-1912

Grant, Allen

Powers, Anna R.

Boutwell, Lydia A.

Grant, E.R.

Powers, Delia

Boutwell, Marcus N.

Grant, Ed

Powers, Emma J.

Boutwell, Milton S.

Grant, Elaine F.

Powers, George A.

Boutwell, Olive F.

Grant, George E.

Powers, Henrietta Mills (Stevens)

Boyd, W.J.

Grant, Gilman C.

Powers, John D.

Boyd, William J.

Grant, H.M.

Powers, John H.

Brackett, Dorothy

Grant, Harriette (Stevens)

Powers, Johnnie D.

Brackett, Roy

Grant, Lillian R.

Powers, Mary

Bradley, Benjamin C.

Grant, Marie R.

Powers, Rodney H.

Bradley, H. A.

Grant, Mary

Powers, Selden B.

Bradley, Howard A.

Grant, Ray E.

Pratt, Harold H.

Bradley, Mary E.

Grass, Alexander N.

Pratt, Pernella

Brannen, Elizabeth Wilson

Grass, Alzina M.

Pres. Bartlett

Bray, George C.

Grass, Christopher G.

Prescott, Clara B. (Holmes)

Bray, Minnie L. (Buskey)

Grass, Margaret A.

Prescott, Ernest A.


Grasse, C.

Prescott, Freeman T.

Brewster, A.O.

Gray, Lucia Shattuck

Prescott, Fremont W.

Brewster, Ada Tenney

Gray, William Rensslaer

Prescott, Horace

Brewster, Adriana Von Beverhout

Greeley, Miriam Mason

Prescott, Jennie M.

Brewster, Alice Rollins

Greeley, Persis

Prescott, Mary K. (Balcom)

Brewster, Amos

Greeley, Samuel

Pressey, William Benfield, Jr.

Brewster, Amos A.

Greeley, William Carpenter

Preston, Genevieve H.

Brewster, Anna

Green Lee, Susa (Greene)

Preston, Irene

Brewster, Augustus

Green, William

Proctor, Adeline Eliza (Young)

Brewster, Augustus G.

Greene, Carrie M. (Evans)

Proctor, Charles

Brewster, Avery Mallville

Greene, David

Proctor, Charles Albert

Brewster, Boudinot

Greene, Elizabeth (Crouch)

Proctor, John C.

Brewster, Cata

Greene, Hannah (Carter)

Proctor, John Carroll

Brewster, Ebenezer

Greene, Hannah (Kendall)

Proctor, John Harvey

Brewster, Edward

Greene, Jacob

Prof Jumebys

Brewster, Edward Tenney

Greene, Jane (White)

Prof. Hitchcock

Brewster, Edwin Tenney

Greene, Josiah

Prof. Sherman

Brewster, Georgie B.

Greene, Pernella (Kelsey)

Putnam, Charles S.

Brewster, Hannah, 1747-1804

Greene, Ranney

Putnam, J. N.

Brewster, Hannah, 1771-1801

Greene, Ranney, 1788-1873

Putnam, John Newton

Brewster, Harriet

Greene, Ranney, 1831-1880

Putnam, R. J.

Brewster, James Kendrick

Greene, Ruth (Rogers)

Putnam, Sarah Gilman (Chamberlain)

Brewster, John C.

Greene, Samuel

Pynchon, William

Brewster, John Leander

Greene, Susa

Quimby (Cobb), Julia Minnie

Brewster, L.A.

Greene, William

Quimby (Cutler), Nancy Aldana

Brewster, Lilian Dodge

Greene, William, 1591-

Quimby, Charles Elihu

Brewster, Lucy

Greene, William, 1650-1717

Quimby, Elihu T.

Brewster, Margaret Susan

Grey, Lucias.

Quimby, Elihu Thayer

Brewster, Margaret Telfair

Grey, William

Quimby, Julia Minnie (Cobb)

Brewster, Nancy

Griggs, Julia C.

Quimby, Nancy Aldana (Cutler)

Brewster, Phebe

Griggs, Leland

R. A. S.

Brewster, Sophia

Griggs, S. M.

R. D. Butte

Brewster, Susan B.

Griggs, S.M.

R. E. Stevens

Brewster, Susan Boudinot, 1824-1832

Gun, Edward

R. Geoff

Brewster, Susan Boudinot, 1850-1851

Gunn, Edward

R. H. Culley

Brewster, Susan Nelson

Gunn, Rose Monahan

R. H. Whitcomb

Brewster, Tobias B.

Gunn, William

R. I. Lewis

Brewster, William Allen

Gustafson, Robert

R. M. Barton

Brewster, William Rollins

H C Edgarton

R. M. Bradley

Bridge, Edwin I.

H C Edgerton

R. M. Hayes

Bridge, Edwin Isaac

H N C Abbott

R. Peletier

Bridge, Katherine Jane Smalley

H. A. McKenna

R. Sanger

Bridge, Morgan

H. C. Brown

R. Vain

Bridgeman, Erastus

H. C. Cofran

R. W. Grant

Bridgeman, Mary Ann Adeline

H. C. Hitchcock

R. W. Sawyer

Bridgeman, Mary S.

H. C. Lord

Rachel Richardson

Bridgman, Abel

H. C. Lund

Ralph Eaton

Bridgman, Adna A.

H. C. Waterman

Ralph W. Boucher

Bridgman, Don S.

H. Crosby

Ralph, Allen

Bridgman, Emma H.

H. D. Fuster

Rand, Flora A. (McIver)

Bridgman, George Mendall

H. F. Carter

Rand, Geo. W.

Bridgman, George W.

H. Guyer

Rand, George W.

Bridgman, Hortensia A.

H. H. Claugh

Rand, George W., 1837-1924

Bridgman, Jennie M. (Burton)

H. H. Langill

Rand, George W., II, 1896-1956

Bridgman, John L.

H. L. Smith

Rand, Henry T.

Bridgman, Mary

H. M. Cathy

Rand, Levi T.

Bridgman, Ruth

H. N. Barnes

Rand, Mildred (Cooper)

Brigham, Mary S.

H. P. Classmn

Rand, Miriam S. (Brown)

Brooks, Jeremiah

H. R. Cross

Rand, Rebecca B.

Brooks, M. Van Buren

H. T. Carter

Rand, Stephen

Brooks, Oris

H. W. Barnes

Rand, Wilson H.


H.C. Edgarton


Brown Bros

H.J. Gale

Ranney, Helen S-Wm. M.?

Brown Jr., Abner H.

H.W. Barnes

Ranney, Helen Street

Brown, Abner H.

H.W. Jones

Ranney, William M.

Brown, Abner H., 1817-1851

Haddock, Adeline Augusta Adams

Ranney, William Watson

Brown, Abner H., 1848-1849

Haddock, Charles Brickett

Ray W. Grant

Brown, Alice Van Vechten

Haddock, Sarah Lang

Read, Mabel

Brown, Arthur Van Vechten

Haddock, Susan Maria

Reed, Harriett E.

Brown, Asa

Haddock, Susan Saunders

Remington, Mary

Brown, Charles D.

Hadlock, C.B.

Rennie, David C.

Brown, Charles P.

Hadlock, Cecil C.

Rev. Mr. Luds

Brown, Charlotte M. (Kellogg)

Hadlock, Mattie (Aulis)

Reynolds, Albert B.

Brown, Dolly H.

Hadlock, Mattie Aulis

Reynolds, Emma J. Boutwell

Brown, E.N.

Haines, F. A.

Reynolds, Mary J. (Kraus)

Brown, Elizabeth (Gilman), 1776-1851

Hall, Charles

Reynolds, Mary Jane

Brown, Elizabeth Gilman, 1846-1925

Hall, Edward Kimball

Rice, Raymond L.

Brown, Elizabeth, 1794-1851

Hall, Edward Kimball, Jr.

Rice, Ruth E.

Brown, Experience

Hall, Edward Kimball, Jr., 1910-1961

Richard Sawyer

Brown, Florence M.

Hall, Richard Drew

Richard W. Sawyer

Brown, Francis

Hall, Sally Drew

Richards, Anna Ward

Brown, Francis (1817-1818)

Hall, Signe Jannessen

Richards, Elizabeth

Brown, Francis, 1784-1820

Hallie P. Barnes

Richards, Emily Cowles, 1796-?

Brown, Francis, 1849-1916

Hallman, Elizabeth B.

Richards, Emily, 1838-1850

Brown, Frank E.

Hamich A. Flagan

Richards, John

Brown, Frank Emerson

Hamich A. Hagan

Richardson, Alma E. (Norton)

Brown, Grace

Harding, Daniel P.

Richardson, Anne Paige

Brown, Harold K.

Harding, Harriet M. (Chedel)

Richardson, C. F.

Brown, Harry A.

Harding, Solomon P.

Richardson, C.F.

Brown, Harvey L.

Hardy, A. S.

Richardson, C.H. (F?)

Brown, Helen (Conner)

Hardy, Adelaide Sanford

Richardson, Carlie N.

Brown, Helen Duncan

Hardy, Ashley K.

Richardson, Charles F.

Brown, Helen G.

Hardy, Ashley Kingsley

Richardson, Charles Francis

Brown, Ira

Hardy, Daniel

Richardson, Charles H.

Brown, Iva

Hardy, Eliphalet

Richardson, Emmaline G.

Brown, Julius Arthur

Hardy, K. W.

Richardson, Fannie

Brown, Laura E.

Hardy, Sarah

Richardson, Fred

Brown, Laura M.

Hardy, Sherburne

Richardson, Leslie William

Brown, Leona C.


Richardson, Mrs. Rachael

Brown, Leslie E.

Harriet A. Hazen

Richardson, Rachel A. (Higgins)

Brown, Louise Reiss

Harry G. Jones.

Richardson, Ralph Joseph

Brown, Lucia (Gates)

Harry Storrs

Richardson, Rodney

Brown, Margaret (Tucker)

Harshorn, L. E.

Richardson, Rodney W.

Brown, Mary E.

Harshorn, L. E., Jr.

Richardson, Scott

Brown, Mary E. (Clement)

Hartshorn, E.B.

Richardson, William J.

Brown, Mary Elizabeth

Hartshorn, E.C


Brown, Nelson Pierce

Haskell, Alanson H.

Riley, Agnes

Brown, Niles C.

Haskell, Alpheus C.

Riley, Allen F.

Brown, Samuel Gilman, 1813-1885

Haskell, Arthur B.

Riley, James

Brown, Sarah (Van Vechten), 1819-1893

Haskell, Betsey

Riley, James H.

Brown, Susan Anna

Haskell, Christiana

Riley, John H.

Brown, Susan Augusta

Haskell, Daniel W.

Riley, Mary E.

Bryant, Betsey

Haskell, Edward P.

Ripley, Sylvanus

Bryant, Charlotte

Haskell, Elfreda C.

Ritchie, Mary E.

Bryant, D.

Haskell, Elizabeth R.

Robert Smith

Bryant, Dennis

Haskell, Elmer T.

Roberts, A.H.

Bryant, William D.

Haskell, Eveline H.

Roberts, Augustus H.

Bryant, Wm.D.

Haskell, George Lucien

Roberts, Chester M.

Buchanan, C.

Haskell, Henry K.

Roberts, Cynthia E.

Buchanan, Edward H.

Haskell, Jennie R.

Roberts, Mary Ann R.

Buchanan, Frederic O.

Haskell, John W.

Roberts, Sophia A. (Miller)

Buchanan, William F. D.

Haskell, Laura W.

Rock, Anthony


Haskell, Lucia W.

Rock, Antoine

Bugbee, Daniel

Haskell, Lucien

Rock, Jane (Blanchard)

Bugbee, Elizabeth Curtis (Campbell)

Haskell, Lucius Augustus

Rock, Mary T.

Bugbee, Perley R.

Haskell, Mary Ann

Rockwell, Carolina (Long)

Bugbee, Perley Rufus

Haskell, Mary Carver

Rodey, Katherine Helen

Bugbee. Perley R.

Haskell, Nathaniel

Rodey, Minnie

Bunting, Henry V.

Haskell, Orinda

Rodney Richardson

Bunting, Julia M. (McCarthy)

Haskell, Thomas L.

Rody, Elizabeth

Burbeck, Eliza Jane

Haskins, Fred

Rogers (Norton), Margaret

Burbeck, Mary (Little)

Haskins, Willie

Rogers, Freddy

Burbeck, Mary C. (Little)

Hastings, Lambert

Rogers, James

Burbeck, Sarah Putnam (Carleton)

Hastings, Laura M. (Cobb)

Rogers, Margaret (Norton)

Burbeck, William

Hastings, Lemuel Spencer

Rogers, Martin

Burbeck, William H.

Hastings, Myra

Rogers, Mary


Hastings, Myra Clark

Rogers, Patrick

Burgess, Fred

Hatch, Mrs.

Rogers, Rosetta

Burgess, Fred A.

Hathe Stone

Rogers, William M.

Burgess, Gillman W.

Hattie M. Grant

Rogers, Willie

Burgess, Mary M.

Hattie P. Barnes

Rood, Frances S.

Burleigh, James A. T.

Hattie Stone

Rood, Grace M.

Burleigh, Jane

Hawes, Donald M.

Rood, Heman

Burleigh, Nathaniel /G.

Hawes, Jack Justin

Rood, Henry Edward

Burleigh, Nathaniel G., (Sr.)

Hawkes, Esther Barbara

Rood, Herbert

Burleigh, Nathaniel G., Jr., 1915-1915

Hawkes, R. J.

Rood, Stephen Moody

Burleigh, Theodora T.

Hawkes, Richard James

Roswell, Sara E.

Burnham, Eliza M.

Hawkes, Sarah Ann

Roule, J. Claude

Burnham, Emily

Hawkins, Eliza

Roulé, Jules Claude

Burnham, J.T.

Hawkins, Elizabeth Brown

Rounds, Alice Chamberlain (Darrow)

Burnham, Joseph

Hawkins, Hannah

Rounds, George Hayden

Burnham, Joseph T.

Hawkins, Harriet

Ruggles, Charlotte (Blaisdell)

Burroughs, Emily A.

Hawley, Experience

Ruggles, Charlotte Blaisdell

Burroughs, Geo.W.

Hawley, Experience, 1762-1809

Ruggles, Edward

Burroughs, George W.

Hawley, Experience, 1785-1807

Ruggles, Edward R.

Burton, Grace Harvey

Hawley, Harriet

Ruggles, Edward Rush

Burton, Harry Edwin

Hawse, Betsy T.

Ruggles, Edwin R.

Burton, Jennie M.

Hawse, Walter M.

Ruggles, W. A.

Bushee (Boucher), Mary (May)

Haynes, Adna

Runnals, John R.

Bushee, Joseph

Haynes, Albert S.

Russ, Esther (Bacon)

Bushee, Mary (May)

Haynes, D.P.

Russ, John

Buskey, Anna (Weggeland)

Haynes, Edgar K.

Russell, Daniel B.

Buskey, Henry W.

Haynes, Fanny B.

Russell, Elizabeth (Haskell)

Buskey, Raymond

Haynes, Fanny Balch

Ryder (Marshall), Earl A.

C. A. Fuld

Haynes, Francis A

Ryder, Carrie E. (Marshall)

C. A. Young

Haynes, Francis A.

Ryder, Earl A.

C. B. Jordan

Haynes, Francis Asbury

Ryder, George

C. Beuton

Haynes, Herbert D.

Ryder, George E.

C. C. Ward

Haynes, M.L.

Ryder, Henry D.

C. D Brown

Hazen, Harriet Augusta (Hurlburt)

Rynn, John

C. D. Adams

Hazen, John V.

S. A Brown

C. D. Brown

Hazen, John Vose

S. A. Brown

C. D. Brown Co.

Heilge, Annie R.

S. A. Cubb

C. D. O'Gard

Heilge, Charles C.

S. A. Dansmore

C. D. Watts

Heilge, Edward R.

S. A. Dennman

C. E. Dummly

Heilge, Fred G.

S. A. [Dammon]

C. E. Hall

Heilge, Laura (Benton)

S. B. Phelp

C. F. Emerson

Henry Buckmann

S. B. Phelps

C. Gran

Henry C. Lord

S. B. Philips

C. Gre

Henry D. Carter

S. C. Bartlett

C. H Hitchcock

Henry L. Barnes

S. C. Blanfield

C. H. Hitchcock

Henry L.Barnes

S. Conner

C. H. Peltec

Henry M. Sanborn

S. Hobbs

C. H. Petter

Henry Mason

S. W. Cobb

C. H. Waterman

Henry Waterman

S. W. Cuss

C. H. Wood

Henry Wood

Sach A. Demman

C. M. Hardyn

Herbert N. Barnes

Sacoss, Niles A.

C. M. Lent

Herbert S. Perley


C. Marsterson

Herbert W Barnes


C. Maybelle

Herbert W. Barnes

Sanborn Henry E.

C. P. Brown

Heydock, Clara L.

Sanborn Henry N.

C. P. Chase

Heydock, Jane O.

Sanborn, Charlotte E. (Corey)

C. P. Frost

Heydock, William

Sanborn, Cora Frances (Nichols)

C. R. Lingley

Heydock, William T.

Sanborn, E. Webster, 1844-1844

C. Stern

Hicks, Alice E.

Sanborn, Edwin D.

C. W. Scott

Hicks, Alice E. (Fox)

Sanborn, Edwin W.

C. W. Stone

Hilbourn, Mary

Sanborn, Edwin Webster, 1857-1928

C.P. Frost

Hilbourn, Mary Helen (Stevens)

Sanborn, George

C.W. Church

Hill, Amos A.

Sanborn, Henry E.

Cacioppo, A. O.

Hill, Andrew Lewis

Sanborn, Henry N.

Cacioppo, E. M.

Hill, Celinda W.F.M.

Sanborn, Kate

Cacioppo, Phyllis P.

Hill, Phebe Cutter (Mitchell)

Sanborn, Mary W.

Calkins, Betsey E.

Hill, Sophia

Sanborn, Mrs. Henry E.

Campbell, Anne Louise

Hill, Thomas P.

Sanborn, Webster

Campbell, Edith Celese

Hillbourn, Porter O.

Sargent, Abbie S.

Campbell, Elizabeth

Hillman, Annie L. (Rand)

Sargent, Andrew J.

Campbell, Gabriel

Hillman, Oliver S.

Sargent, Betsey, (Sr.)

Campbell, Harriet Lee

Hinds, Benjamin H.

Sargent, Betsey, 1790-1815

Campbell, Loise (McMahon)

Hinds, Charles, 1809-1831

Sargent, Elizabeth M.

Campbell, Loise McMahon

Hinds, Charles, 1848-1916

Sargent, Mary H.

Campbell, Robert Argyle

Hinds, Ellen

Sargent, Mary J. (Griffin)

Canerdy, Mary Sawyer

Hinds, Frankie

Sargent, Mehetabel

Carey, Chester E.

Hinds, Fred, 1880-1928

Sargent, Moses Emery

Carey, Julia A.

Hinds, Frederick A., 1808-1854

Sargent, Roger

Carpenter, Althea A.

Hinds, George, 1846-1846

Sargent, Roger, (Sr.)

Carpenter, Anna (Safford)

Hinds, George, 1883-1936

Sargent, Roger, Jr.

Carpenter, Anna Safford

Hinds, Hannah, 1822-1891

Sargent, Susan M.

Carpenter, Ebenezer

Hinds, Hannah, 1853-1854

Saunders, John

Carpenter, Ebenezer D.

Hinds, Justin

Saunders, Susanna

Carpenter, Ebnezer D.

Hinds, Justin, 1769-1840

Savings Bank

Carpenter, Elfreda

Hinds, Justin, Jr., 1800-1817

Sawyer, Joseph Garland

Carpenter, Eunice A.

Hinds, Katie

Sawyer, Mehitabel Currier

Carpenter, Harvey

Hinds, Lucius

Sawyer, Richard W.

Carpenter, John, (Sr.)

Hinds, Mabel

Sawyer, Richard Warren

Carpenter, John, Jr.

Hinds, Mamie


Carpenter, Jr., John

Hinds, Mary

Scales, Alva

Carpenter, Judith

Hinds, Mary E., 1851-1854

Scales, James

Carpenter, Martha Jane

Hinds, Mary, 1798-1815

Scales, Moses C.

Carpenter, Milo

Hinds, Mary, 1821-1821

Scales, Robert Leighton

Carpenter, Nathan

Hinds, Mary, 1850-1916

Scales, Susanna

Carpenter, Nathan, 1798-1816

Hitchcock, Alleine Lee

Scannell, Ida I.

Carpenter, Nathaniel

Hitchcock, Arthur Charles

Schneider, John N.

Carpenter, Nathaniel, 1747-1829

Hitchcock, C.H.


Carpenter, Samuel Mills

Hitchcock, Charles H. (Charles Henry), 1836-1919

Scott, Ida (Gove)

Carpenter, Willaim

Hitchcock, Charles Young

Searle, Annette

Carr, Alice I.

Hitchcock, Charlotte Barrows

Searle, Sarah S.

Carr, Alice M. (Lyons)

Hitchcock, Charlotte Malvina (Barrows)

Searle, Thomas C.

Carr, Annie A.

Hitchcock, Clara (Young)

Serge Komweff

Carr, Harry D.

Hitchcock, Clara Young

Sharp, Nellie B. (Clifford)

Carr, Leon

Hitchcock, Dan L

Sharp, T. M.

Carr, Leon E.

Hitchcock, Dawn (Lary)

Shays, Betsey D.

Carr, Lila O.

Hitchcock, Dawn L.

Sheldon, Clarence A.

Carr, Marjorie H.

Hitchcock, Edward White

Sheleen, A. F.

Carr, Marjorie Hilda

Hitchcock, Emily (Howe)

Sheleen, A.F.

Carr, Richardson T.

Hitchcock, Emily H.


Carroll, Catherine

Hitchcock, Hiram

Sherman, Frank A.

Carroll, Kate

Hitchcock, Hiram Augustus

Sherman, Frank Asbury

Carter, Ada M. (Holt)

Hitchcock, John

Sherman, Gertrude Eliza

Carter, Alton W.

Hitchcock, John R.

Sherman, Joseph

Carter, Carlie J.

Hitchcock, Martha Barrows

Sherman, Lucy Rosette (Hurlbutt)

Carter, Clair E.

Hitchcock, Martha Bliss

Sherman, Narcissa B.

Carter, Cornelia S.

Hitchcock, Martha Bliss (Barrows)

Shortliffe, J.M.

Carter, E. O.

Hitchcock, Mary (Maynard)

Shortliffe, T.D.

Carter, E.M.

Hitchcock, Maynard

Shovan, Frances E.

Carter, Edward M.

Hitchcock, Sarah (Webster)

Shurtleff, Anna

Carter, Edward W.

Hoadly, George

Shurtleff, Roswell

Carter, Elijah W.

Hodgdon, Amos K.

Shurtleff, Roswell, 1773-1861

Carter, Ellen

Hodgdon, Maria S. (Little)

Shurtleff, Roswell, 1816-1820

Carter, Ellen M.

Hodgkins, Helen (Ruggles)

Shurtleff, William Joseph

Carter, Florence

Hodgkins, Helen Ruggles

Simonds, Ephraim

Carter, Frank E.

Holbrook, Amory


Carter, Georgia I.

Holbrook, Mary

Sinclair John E.

Carter, H. F.

Holbrook, Stephen

Sinclair, Harry

Carter, H. L.

Holden, Charles A.

Sinclair, Isabelle Aiken (Noyes)

Carter, Harriet E. (Goodell)

Holden, Charles Arthur

Sinclair, John E.

Carter, Henry W.

Holden, Chas. A.

Slack, Julia

Carter, Hubbard F.

Holden, Gertrude May (Robinson)

Slanty Conner

Carter, Hubbard T.

Holmes, Anny (Bugbee)


Carter, Jennie M.

Holmes, John

Smalley, Alice Caron

Carter, Lucy A.

Holt, A.J.

Smalley, Charles J.

Carter, Oliver

Holt, Abe L.

Smalley, Frank

Carter, Patience M.

Holt, Abe L., 1865-1951

Smalley, Frank E.

Carwell, R. S.

Holt, Abel J.

Smalley, Mary E. (Donnelly)

Cary, Bela

Holt, Annie F.

Smalley, Minnie (Pelton)

Cary, Lucy

Holt, Charley

Smalley, Richard J.

Caswell, Abigail

Holt, Esther

Smalley, William E.

Caswell, Addie

Holt, Leila

Smalley, William F.

Caswell, Bela S.

Holt, Mary E.


Caswell, Elijah

Hopkins, Ernest M.

Smith, Adah J.

Caswell, Eugene L.

Hopkins, Ernest Martin

Smith, Adah J. (Batchelder)

Caswell, Hurber E.

Hopkins, Grace Tibbetts

Smith, Adeline A.

Caswell, Orinda

Houston, Harry

Smith, Asa D.

Caswell, William H.

How, Florence M.

Smith, Chessie (Reid)

Cate, Fred H.

How, Lyman B.

Smith, Dr. J. A.

Cate, Nellie S.

How, Lyman Bartlett

Smith, Dr. J.A.

Ch Hall

How, Mary Lucretia (Perry)

Smith, Dr. W. T.

Ch. Barker


Smith, Dr. W.T.


Howard, Eunice (Woodward)

Smith, E. W.

Chamberlain, Alice Dudley

Howard, John

Smith, E.K.

Chamberlain, Annie Winthrop

Howard, Milan Hinman

Smith, Edwin Curtis

Chamberlain, Catherine Mellen

Howarth, Gracia P.

Smith, Eva Pierce

Chamberlain, Frances Elisabeth

Howe, Benjamin D.

Smith, Everett K.

Chamberlain, Horace P.

Howe, Caroline G.

Smith, George

Chamberlain, Mellen

Howe, Charles H. W.

Smith, George Williston

Chamberlain, Sarah Gilman (Putnam)

Howe, Eliza Hitchcock

Smith, Harriet F.

Chamberlain, Sarah Little (Gilman)

Howe, John R. H.

Smith, Harriet W.

Chamberlain, Susan Emerson (Chandler)

Howe, Sarah M.

Smith, Helen W.

Chamberlain, William

Hubbard F. Carter

Smith, Henry Dwight

Chamberlain, William M.

Hubbard, Johannis

Smith, Henry Leavitt

Chamberlain, William Mellen

Hubbard, Oliver Payson

Smith, J. A.

Chamberlain,, Catherine Hills

Hulbert Mrs. Chauncey P.

Smith, James A.

Chamberlin, Albert K.

Hulbert, Annie McMaster

Smith, Jane Isabelle (Noyes)

Chamberlin, Edson P.

Hulbert, Calvin B.

Smith, Joannis (John)

Chamberlin, Hannah G. (Goodrich)

Hulbert, Chauncey Pinneo

Smith, John W.

Chamberlin, Horace P.

Hulbert, Chauncy Pinneo

Smith, Maria C. R.

Chamberlin, Horace Preston

Hulbert, Henry Woodward

Smith, Mary

Chamberlin, Luthera Ward

Hulbert, Mary (Woodward)

Smith, Mary (Cleaveland)

Chandler, Susan Emerson

Hulbert, Woodward Dennis

Smith, Mary Frances

Chapman, Benjamin

Hunter, Edgar Hayes

Smith, Minnie Pierce

Chapman, Caroline Matilda

Hunter, Edna Hill

Smith, Morris Kellogg

Charles Beuton

Huntington, Mary (Bridgman)

Smith, Nathan

Charles F. Richardson

Huntington, Newton S.

Smith, Robert

Charles P Chase

Huntley, Emma B.

Smith, Russell

Charles P. Chase

Huntley, Emma Blanchard

Smith, Sally H.

Charles T. McCarthy

Huntley, John Whittlesey

Smith, Sally Malvina

Chas G. Waterman

Huntley, Mary Lizzie

Smith, Samuel Mason

Chas H. Waterman

Huntley, Orison

Smith, Samuel W.

Chas. Bauton

Huntley, Orrison

Smith, Sarah

Chas. F. Emerson

Hurlbutt, Sarah W.

Smith, Sarah A.

Chas. F. Richardson

Hurlbutt, Willard G.

Smith, Sarah A. (Adams)

Chas. F. Richarson

Husband, Helen Borgman

Smith, Sarah H.

Chas. H. Waterman

Husband, R.W.

Smith, Sarah Louisa

Chas. Maybelle

Husband, Richard Wellington, 1869-1924

Smith, Sukey

Chas. R. Stone


Smith, Susan Kellogg


Hutchins, Albert K.

Smith, Susannah (Mason)

Chase, Charles Parker

Hutchins, Allene I. (Gove)

Smith, T.D.

Chase, Edith

Hutchins, Clara (Woodward)

Smith, Timothy Dwight

Chase, Ella J.

Hutchins, David

Smith, William

Chase, Fanny (Huntington)

Hutchins, George F.

Smith, William T.

Chase, Frederick Goodwin, 1870-1903

Hutchins, Harriet E.

Smith, William Thayer

Chase, Frederick, 1840-1890

Hutchins, Harriet M.

Snowman, Guy

Chase, George Hoadly

Hutchins, Henry

Sophia Bissell

Chase, Helen (Watts)

Hutchins, Ida M.

Spaulding, Oliver

Chase, J. Niles

Hutchins, John J.

Spencer, Frank I.

Chase, Maria L. (Pearson)

Hutchins, Julia C.

Spencer, Frank P.

Chase, Mary F.

Hutchins, Mrs. Clara

Spencer, James

Chase, Mary Fuller

Hutchins, Walter B.

Spencer, Katharina E.

Chase, Sarah Alice

Hutchins, Walter B. Jr.

Spencer, Sarah (Barstow)

Chase, Sarah T.

Hutchins, Walter B., 1879-1930

Sprague, Joseph

Chase, Stephen

Hutchins, Walter B., Jr., 1915-1916

St. John, Geo

Chase, Stephen, 1813-1851

Hutchinson, Henry

St. T. Carter

Chase, Stephen, 1874-?

Hutchinson, Mary

Stafford, Harlow

Chase, Walter Wells

Hutchinson, Mary (Woodward)

Stander, Eva M.


Hutton, Jane

Stanley, Esther

Chesley King, Flora Belle (Huntley)

Ingalls, Arthur L.

Stanley, Farand

Chesley, Edward

Ingalls, Helen M.

Stearns, Samuel H.

Chesley, Edward Elisha Herrick

Ingalls, Lizzie Etta

Stevens, Abigail Emery

Chesley, Emma E. (Merrill)

Ingalls, Lucy (Utley)

Stevens, Anna (King)

Chesley, Flora Belle (Huntley)

Ingalls, Luther

Stevens, Casper

Chesley, Jerome

Ingalls, Melvin

Stevens, Daniel Webster

Chesley, Norma J.

Ingalls, Melvin L.

Stevens, Francis Howe

Chesley, Russell Dane

Ingalls, Royal

Stevens, Lemnuel

Childs, Alden

Ingols, Ada

Stevens, Lemuel

Childs, Betsey (Atherton)

Ingols, Chester

Stevens, Mary Howe (Kellogg)

Chivers, A. H.

Ingram, Anna

Stevens, Porter Hilbourn

Chivers, Arthur H.

Ingram, Annie E. (Richardson)

Stewart, A.C.

Chivers, Edward W.

Ingram, Willis A.

Stewart, Albert C.

Chur G. Waterman

J Claude Roule

Stewart, Colin Campbell

Church, Charles W.

J. A. Ashby

Stewart, Laurena F. (Cummings)

Clancy, Daniel

J. A. Ashley

Stewart, Zoe Smiley

Clancy, Margaret (Brown)

J. A. Humiston

Stickney, Marcia A. (Rogers)

Clapp, Betty

J. B. Allen

Stickney, N.H.

Clapp, Daniel

J. B. Darming

Stickney, Nelson H.

Clark, Barbara

J. B. Downing

Stockbridge, John

Clark, Bernice

J. B. Gale

Stockbridge, Marcia Elizabeth

Clark, C.P.

J. B. Morse

Stockbridge, Theodosia (senior)

Clark, Charles

J. B. Philips

Stockbridge, Theodosia, 1819-1904

Clark, Charles B.

J. B. Sarming

Stone, Bennet

Clark, Clifford P.

J. B. Sherburne

Stone, C.W.

Clark, Euguene Francis

J. Brewer

Stone, Charles R.

Clark, John B.

J. C. Page

Stone, Charles W.

Clark, John E., Jr.

J. Chesley Cull

Stone, Cora Agnes

Clark, Louise J. (Earle)

J. Claude Roule

Stone, Ellen E. (Crowley)

Clark, Martha Haskell

J. Cunningham

Stone, Florence Mae

Clark, Maude E.

J. D. Field

Stone, Georgia I.

Clark, Susan B.

J. Dansmore

Stone, Harriet W.

Claude Morey

J. Dudley

Stone, Herman M.


J. E. Addison

Stone, Ida (Marshall)

Clayton (Cobb), Myra A.

J. E. Aldrich

Stone, Kathleen (Brown)

Clayton, George

J. E. Lindan

Stone, Madene Gertrude

Clayton, George H.

J. Fountain

Stone, Mark

Clayton, Myra A. (Cobb)

J. H. Brown

Stone, Polly

Cleaveland, Eben

J. H. Conner

Stone, Richard G.

Clement, John S.

J. H. Gale

Stone, W.E.

Clement, Susan M. (Sargent)

J. H. Lord

Stone, William E.

Clewley, Arthur E.

J. Howard

Storrs, Aaron, (Sr.)

Clifford, Charles B.

J. K. Lord

Storrs, Aaron, 1791-1793

Clifford, Clara A. (Newcomb)

J. L. Brewster

Storrs, Abigail

Clifford, E.L.

J. L. Dudley

Storrs, Adna D.

Clifford, Edward L.

J. L. Noris

Storrs, Adna David

Clifford, George H.

J. L. Norris

Storrs, Adna, 1806-1884

Clifford, Harvey

J. Labbie

Storrs, Asenath (Goodell)

Clifford, Herbert M.

J. Labbir Jr.

Storrs, David G.

Clifford, Lucy (Eastman)

J. Labboz Jr.

Storrs, E. P.

Clifford, Nancy P. (Low)

J. Lachin

Storrs, E.P.

Closon, Asa B.

J. M. Little

Storrs, Edward P.

Closson, Achsah P.

J. M. P. Douglass

Storrs, Edward P., 1842-1916

Closson, Asa B.

J. M. Settler

Storrs, Edwards P., Jr.

Closson, Asa Burton

J. M. Smyth

Storrs, Edwards P., Jr., 1878-1932

Closson, Caroline

J. Monakam

Storrs, Ethel M. (Haskell)

Closson, Harriet H.

J. O'Leary

Storrs, H. C.

Clough, Abbie L.

J. O. Gale

Storrs, Harriet A.

Clough, E.

J. P. Banaly

Storrs, J. C.

Clough, George

J. R. Riley

Storrs, Julia E. (Steele)

Clough, Georgiana I.

J. R. Runnals

Storrs, Nabby

Clough, H. H.

J. S. Dudley

Storrs, Rebecca (Woodward)

Clough, Huldah

J. Scott

Strong, Charles M.

Clough, J.

J. Sullivan

Strong, Eliza (Brewster)

Clough, Josiah

J. Summerman

Stubbard T. Carter

Clough, Meltiah

J. Timton

Students Row

Clough, Miltiah

J. V. Hazen

Sullivan, Charles Joseph

Clough, Ruth Isabella

J. W. Cobb

Sullivan, Elizabeth

Coale, George O. C.

J. W. Ferson

Sullivan, James Timothy

Cobb, Almira W. (Ripley)

J. W. Lancet

Sullivan, John C.

Cobb, Caroline E. (Davis)

J. W. Leault

Sullivan, John L.

Cobb, Leola A.

J. Walter Ferson

Sullivan, Julia

Cobb, Luella C. (Hutchinson)

J.M. Edgarton

Sullivan, Margaret Josephine

Cobb, Samuel W.

J.O. Gale

Sullivan, Mary Ann (Fagan)

Cobb, Walter D.


Sullivan, Richard Augustus

Cocroft, Frederick Eugene

James [Furber]

Sullivan, T.

Codman, Benton G.

Jamison, Earl

Sullivan, Timothy

Coffee, Rebecca

Jas. [L?] Goodfellow

Sullivan, Timothy Daniel

Coffey, William

Jason Dudley

Sumner, George

Coffin, Betsey

Jelliere, Clarence

Susan A. Brown

Coffin, Sewall

Jelliere, Margaret Louise (Riley)

Swett, Barbara J.

Coffin, Sewell

Jerome Daris

Swett, Patricia Williams


Jne Blanfield

Swett, Wendell L.

Cofran, Myra F.

Jno Blanpied

Sydney E. Junkins

Cofran, Myron

Jno. Scott

T. E. Ward

Cofran, W. C.

Joanna W. Fellows.

T. Suthurain

Cofran, William C.

Joe Boucher

Tabor, Hattie B.

Colburn, Martha A.

Joe Labbie

Tabor, Mary Frances

Colby, Edith M.

Joe Waitens

Tabor, Orlando

Colby, Emma J.

Joe Worthen

Tanzi, Angelo

Colby, Florence Pearl

John Blanfield

Tanzi, Charles A.

Colby, Gertrude (Sullivan)

John Blanpied

Tanzi, Harriet

Colby, Gilbert F.

John Dudley

Tanzi, Harry W.

Colby, John

John E. Conner

Tanzi, Viola M.

Colby, Mary Elizabeth

John H. Conner

Tanzi, William Roger

Colby, Ronald Edson

John Johnson

Taylor, Achsah M.


John Kelley

Taylor, Joseph

Colley, Richard

John King

Teague, Henry

Conant, Belle Robinson

John L. Durley

Templeton, John F.

Conant, Robert O.

John L. Woods

Templeton, Mary P.

Concord & Montreal

John M. Fuller

Templeton, Samuel


John McCarthy


Conner, A. W.

John O. Gale

Tenney (Durkee), Nancy

Conner, Adelaide L. (Leonard)

John O.Gale

Tenney Jr., William

Conner, Albert W., 1869-1952

John Poisson

Tenney, Alice Parker

Conner, Albert W., Jr., 1909-1945

John R. Rummals

Tenney, Amanda M.

Conner, C. A.

John R. Runnals

Tenney, Asa

Conner, Carl

John Rainey

Tenney, Benjamin

Conner, Clarence A.

John Raney

Tenney, Luthera Malvina

Conner, E. S.

John Ranez

Tenney, Nancy

Conner, Elmer W.

John Richards

Tenney, Nancy (Durkee)

Conner, Ernest S.

John Rynn

Tenney, William

Conner, Francis B.

John Scott

Tenney, William Henry

Conner, Harold R.

John Sen H

Tenney, William Henry, 1829-1831

Conner, Inez B. (Dolloft)

John V. Hagen

Tenney, William, 1795-1875

Conner, Jennie M.

John V. Hazen

Tenney, William, 1825-1825

Conner, Julia (Johnston)

John. R. Runals

Thomas B. Booth

Conner, Julia Johnston

John. R. Runnals

Thomas E. Ward

Conner, Mary A.

Johnston, M. W.

Thomas, Alice E.

Conner, Percy E.

Jones, Amy R.

Thomas, Charles P.

Conner, Phineas Sanborn

Jones, Hezekiah

Thomas, Eveline E. (Haskell)

Conway, Daniel

Jones, Lionel

Thomas, Frank D.

Cook, Amos Jones

Jones, Sally

Thompson, Charles E.

Cook, Anna

Jos. Fontaine

Thos. E Ward

Cook, Artemus

Joseph Labbiz Jr

Thos. E. Ward

Cook, Betsy B.

Joseph Labbot

Thos. E. Ward, Inc.

Cook, Lemuel

June Folsom

Tibbetts, Howard M.

Cook, Samuel

Junkins, Edna Trier

Tibbetts, Howard Murray

Cooley, A.

Junkins, Edwin Page

Tickner, K. G.

Cooley, Arthur

Junkins, Mary Lyon

Tickner, R. C.

Cooley, Harry A.

Junkins, Sidney E.

Tilden Jr., Timothy

Cooley, Henry

Junkins, Sidney Edwin

Tilden, Achsah

Cooley, Laura

K. Gibson

Tilden, Betsey

Cooley, Laura M. (Kendall)

K. H. Gibson

Tilden, Betsey (Woodard)

Corey, Charles W.

K. S. Parson

Tilden, Emily

Corey, Elizabeth W.

K. W. Grant

Tilden, Joseph

Corey, Joseph

Kaleher, Edmund

Tilden, Joseph, 1746-1824

Corey, Katherine M.

Kaleher, Edw.

Tilden, Joseph, 1778-1861

Corey, Mary (McDonald)

Kaleher, Margaret (McCarthy)

Tilden, Joseph, 1814-1893

Corey, William

Kate Sanbury

Tilden, Lydia

Cornelia P.

Katherine Spencer

Tilden, Marcia A.

Cornelia P. Long


Tilden, Timothy, Jr.

Cory, Charles


Tillitson, B. P.

Cory, Harris

Kellog, Jabez

Tillotson, Bradley P.

Cota (Coty), John

Kelloge, Ellsworth P.

Tillotson, Laura (Ripley)

Cota (Coty), Louise Herrick

Kelloge, Jabez

Tobin, David

Cota, Elizabeth A.

Kellogg, Abigail

Tobin, Elizabeth

Cota, J.

Kellogg, Eben R.

Tobin, Gertrude

Cota, Julius F.

Kellogg, Ellsworth P.

Tobin, John E.

Cota, Leonard

Kellogg, Melissa H.

Tobin, William M.

Cota, M.

Kellogg, Rose B.

Topliff, Charles C.

Cota, Mitchell

Kellogg, Temperance

Topliff, Mahala J. (Carter)

Coty (Cota), Mary Jane

Kelly, Jacob Milton

Topliffe, Charles C.

Coutermarsh, J. F.

Kelly, Jacob Wilton

Torricelli, J. B.

Coutermarsh, J.F.

Kelly, John

Trachier, Alphonse

Coutermarsh, L. M.

Kelly, Mary Walsh

Trachier, Eloise Beaucage

Coutermarsh, L.M.

Kelly, Mary Welsh

Trachier, Henry Edward

Coutermarsh, Lena E.

Kelly, Myra (Rock)

Trachier, Henry J.

Cowan, George P.

Kelly, Myra Rock

Trachier, John Dennis

Cowan, May Louise

Kelsey, James

Trachier, Marion Elizabeth

Cowles, Edward

Kelsey, Pernella

Trachier, Mary E.

Cowles, Harriet Wainwright

Kelsey, Pernella (Pratt)

Trachier, Mary E. (Sicard)

Cram, Clara

Keyes, Carolina Abbott

Trachier, Mary Elizabeth Gunn

Cram, John

Keyes, Caroline Abbott

Trachier, Mary Gunn

Cram, John S.

Keyes, H. E.

Trachier, Napoleon

Cram, Tim B.

Keyes, Homer Eaton

Trachier, Philip J.

Crane, John

Keyes, Katharine

Tracy, Emily J.

Croall, Ann Davidson

Kibbie, Austin C.

Tracy, Joseph

Croall, Hugh

Kibbie, Charles

Tracy, Mary S.


Kibbie, Charles W.

Tracy, S. H.

Crosby (Russell), Abigail

Kibbie, Edward A.

Tracy, Sarah H.

Crosby, A. H.

Kibbie, Florence Towle

Trempe, Fred T.

Crosby, A.B.

Kibbie, Harriet L. (Adams)

Trempe, Gertrude (Morey)

Crosby, A.H.

Kibbie, Harry Penn

Truman, Charles A, Jr.

Crosby, Abigail (Russell)


Truman, Gloria

Crosby, Abigail R.

Kibling, Albert Fisher

Tucker, Charlotte Barrell (Cheever)

Crosby, Albert H.

Kibling, George F.

Tucker, Charlotte Henry (Rogers)

Crosby, Alpheus Benning, d. 1877

Kibling, George P.

Tucker, Martha Jane

Crosby, Alpheus, d. 1874

Kibling, George W.

Tucker, William Jewett

Crosby, Asa

Kibling, Harriet

Turner, Adelaide V.

Crosby, Betsey (Hoit)

Kibling, Ida (Greenleaf)

Turner, Bela

Crosby, Betsey (Holt)

Kibling, Ida Greenleaf

Turner, Betsey H.

Crosby, Dixi

Kibling, Ruth Ida

Turner, Clement H.

Crosby, Dixi, 1800-1873

Kibling, Sarah (Fisher)

Turner, Hannah D. (James)

Crosby, Dixi, 1869-1900

Kibling, Sarah Fisher

Turner, Joshua

Crosby, Dr. A. H.

Kilburn, David

Turner, Levi B.

Crosby, Josiah

Kimball, Benjamin

Turner, Lucy

Crosby, Louisa P.

Kimball, Betsey

Turner, Lucy R.

Crosby, Mary Jane

Kimball, Betsey, 1746-1815

Turner, Mary J.

Crosby, Mary Jane (Moody)

Kimball, Betsey, 1775-1824

Turner, Nahum G.

Crosby, Mayrant Moody

Kimball, David

Turner, Nahum G., 1805-1881

Crosby, Mildred (Glassell)

Kimball, Edward H.

Turner, Nahum G., Jr.

Crosby, Myra

Kimball, Frederic O.

Turner, Nahum G., Jr., 1833-1915

Crosby, Myra A.

Kimball, G. Buchanan

Updyke, Albert Parish

Crosby, Nathan

Kimball, Horace

Updyke, Cornelia (Parish)

Crosby, Thomas R.

Kimball, Increase

Updyke, F.A.

Crosby, William Pierce

Kimball, Mary

Updyke, Frank Arthur

Crossett, Emma Tucker

Kimball, Stephen

Updyke, Frank Arthur, 1866-1918


Kimball, William F. D.

Updyke, Frank Arthur, 1909-1909

Crowley, Cornelius

King, John

Utley, Elizabeth

Crowley, Dennis W. M.

Kingsford, Howard Nelson

Utley, Joseph

Crowley, Ellen

Kinney, Edward

V. D. Ward

Crowley, Jeremiah F.

Kinney, John Edward

Van Vechten, Arthur

Crowley, Jerry

Kinney, Mrs. Edward

Van Vechten, Catherine

Crowley, John

Kinsman, Willis

Van Vechten, Jacob

Crowley, Julia

Korgeuff, Marya Ivanova

Veber (Weber), Rose H.

Crowley, Julia (O'Leary)

Korgeuff, Marya Ivanovna

Verriest, David

Crowley, Kate

Korgeuff, Serge Paul

Verriest, Florence

Crowley, Margaret (McCurdy)

Krehbiel, A.R.

Verriest, Leon

Crowley, Michael

L. B. D.

Vesta F. Gile

Culpepper, Va.

L. B. Dourming

Viau, Antoine

Cunningham, Annie H.

L. B. Dowing

Viau, Elise Cantin

Cunningham, Elizabeth (Crowley)

L. B. Downning

Viau, Marie Jeanne

Cunningham, Ellen E.

L. B. Newell

Viau, Phileas

Cunningham, James

L. B. Nurell

Von Beaverhoudt, William

Cunningham, James A.

L. Beckman

Von Beverhoudt, Lucas

Cunningham, James A., 1867-1892

L. Conner

Von Boudinot, Adriana (Beverhoudt)

Cunningham, James, 1829-1922

L. Currier

W C Cofran

Cunningham, Margaret J.

L. D. Brown

W Cofran

Cunningham, Mary E.

L. G. Fanom

W h Furber


L. H. Dan

W. A. Adams

Currier, Anna

L. K. Ames

W. B. Lamanec

Currier, Dorrance B.

L. M. Licte

W. B. Lawrence

Currier, Mary E. (Carpenter)


W. B. Plast

Curtis, Abigail

Labbie, John

W. C. Cofran

Curtis, David

Labbie, Joseph

W. Cofran

Curtis, E.D.

Labbie, Valerie B.

W. E. Smally

Curtis, Joseph

Labbie, Winifred

W. E. Storrs

Cutting, Isaac

LaBombard, Dora Colcord

W. G. Hurlbutt

Cutting, Lucy L. (Templeton)

LaBombard, William Henry

W. H. LaBombard

D. B. Currier

Laming, Beatrice B.

W. H. Tenny

D. B. Pelton

Laming, Stephen

W. H. Trumball

D. B. Ruggles

Landrigan, David

W. H. Trumbull

D. Blaisdell

Landrigan, Mary

W. J. Boyd

D. C. Webb

Lang, Abbie (Caswell)

W. J. Bray

D. Call.

Lang, Alexander

W. J. Smith

D. J. Noyes

Lang, John S.

W. W. Clafford

D. Lauchijan

Lang, John Saunders

W.B. Pressey


Lang, Richard

W.C. Cofran


Lang, Sarah

W.G. Hurlbutt

Daggett, Caroline Emma (Stickney)

Lang, Sarah, 1757-1825

Wainwright, Edward C.

Daggett, Joseph Atkins

Lang, Sarah, 1794-1821

Wainwright, Frederick A.

Dallas, John T.

Langhill - Dewey

Wainwright, Geo. A.

Dallas, John Thomson

Langhill Dewey

Wainwright, George A.

Dan Conway

Langhill Pelton

Wainwright, George C.

Dan L. Hitchcock

Langhill _ Dewey

Wainwright, Karl A.

Dan S. Bridgman

Langill - Dewey

Wainwright, Katherine F.

Dan S. Budgman

Langill, Cranmer C.

Wainwright,Edward C.

Daniels, Catharine R.

Langill, H.H.H.

Walker, Adeline B.

Daniels, Jason

Langill, Howard H. H.

Walker, Cyrus B.


Langill, Mary E.

Walker, Cyrus F.

Darian S Ward


Walker, George

Darrow, Sarah Putnam (Chamberlain)

Langille, C.

Walker, Harriet A.

Darrow, William, Jr.


Walker, Lucinda E.

Davis, Harriett E. (Reed)

Lary, Emma F.

Walker, Philip

Davis, Mary J.

Lathem, Edward Connery

Walker, William Devereux

Davis, Moses

Lavasseur, Adelaide V.

Ward, Annett J.

Davis, Moses F.

Lavasseur, John Bernard

Ward, Bessie (Downing)

Davis, Moses F., 1803-1822

Laveture, Mary L.

Ward, Esther M.

Davis, Moses, 1777-1808

Laycock, Craven

Ward, Fanny

Davis, Nancy

Laycock, Florence Hill

Ward, Freeman J., 1847-1924

Davis, Thomas W.

Leavens, Anna Cushing

Ward, Freeman T., 1844-1846

Dawn L. Hitchcock

Leavens, Robert French

Ward, Harriet A., 1826-1838

Day, Betty

Lee, Alleine (Barrows)

Ward, Harriet, 1798-1836

Day, Edmund Ezra

Lee, Ebenezer

Ward, Jacob

Day, Emerson

Lee, George

Ward, Joseph

Day, Emily Emerson

Lee, Harry J.

Ward, Joseph G.

Day, Martha Elizabeth

Lee, Marjorie (Benton)

Ward, Joseph G., 1815-1855

DeAngelis, Antonio

Lee, Susa (Greene)

Ward, Joseph, 1788-1862

DeAngelis, Filomena (Mazzei)


Ward, Nathaniel

Delano, Betsey

Leeds, Emily Hart Wells

Ward, Pamelia E.

Delano, Clara C.

Leeds, Julia Lockwood

Ward, Thomas E.

Delano, Clarence E.

Leeds, S. P.

Warden, Andrew H.

Delano, Delavan C.

Leeds, S.P.

Warden, Edla (Douglas)

Delano, Eber C.

Leeds, Samuel Penniman

Warden, John B.

Delano, Grave B.

Leonard Cute

Warden, Lillian A.

Delano, Luther

Leroy Conner

Warden, Louisa F. (Flint)

Delano, Mary


Warden, Perry Flint

Delano, Willie E.

Lewis, Annie H. (Dudley)

Warden,Christie C.

Delia C. Fitts

Lewis, E.E.

Wardwell, Amos

Deman, John

Lewis, G.E.

Ware, Doris E.

DeMarsh, Joseph

Lewis, George E.

Ware, Doris L.


Lewis, Thelma Ruth

Ware, L.

Demman, Fannie A.

Lin, Chun

Ware, Lewis A.

Demman, Hattie A.

Lingley, Charles R.

Ware, Theta M.

Demman, John

Lingley, Hattie B.

Wark, Emma M.

Demman, Louise G.

Little, Abigal

Warner, John

Demman, Mary J.

Little, Arthur

Warren, David L.

Demman, Mary S.

Little, Caleb

Warren, George

Demman, Sarah E.

Little, David

Warren, Sarah

DeMosh, George E.

Little, Fannie

Warren, Winslow

DeMosh, Gerard J.

Little, Frank

Washborne, Levi

DeMosh, Joseph

Little, Laura Elizabeth (Frost)

Washburn, Levi


Livermore, Edmund R.


Dent, Ellen (Carter)

Long Family

Waterman, C. Henry

Dent, Ellen Carter

Long, Alexander

Waterman, Edna J. (Marden)

Derby, H.F

Long, Clement

Waterman, Emor F.

Derby, Mrs H.F.

Long, Cornelia P.

Waterman, H. C.

DesBrisay, Richard

Long, Mary (Clement)

Waterman, Lenna M.

Devaux, William

Long, Rhoda Ensign (Rockwell)

Waterman, Mary Lois (Delano)


Long, Samuel

Waterman, S. S.

Dewey Sisters


Waterman, Samuel Seymour

Dewey, , Langell

Lord, Annette Bowen

Waters, Asa M.

Dewey, Abigail

Lord, Elizabeth King

Waters, Asa W.

Dewey, Amos

Lord, Emma Pomeroy

Waters, Asa Wilson

Dewey, Annie Hovey

Lord, Frederic P.

Waters, Nellie Dawson

Dewey, Asa

Lord, G. D.

Watson, Maria H.

Dewey, Augusta Sweetser

Lord, George Dana

Watson, Phillip

Dewey, Benoni

Lord, Georgie

Weber, Rose H.

Dewey, Betsey

Lord, Griffith Bowen

Webster, Acksah P.

Dewey, Betsey (Hutchinson)

Lord, H.C.

Webster, Daniel

Dewey, Betsey, 1786-1828

Lord, Henry

Weld, Bella

Dewey, Betsey, 1798-1881

Lord, John King

Weld, Elias

Dewey, Canelia Elizabeth

Lord, Nathan

Weld, Elisas

Dewey, Deborah

Lord, Nathan, 1793-1870

Weld, George A.

Dewey, Edward G., Jr.

Lord, Nathan, 1829-1831

Weld, Marcia

Dewey, Edward G., Sr.

Lord, Pres. Nathan

Weld, Mary M.

Dewey, Edward George

Low, David S.

Weld, Ruth (Kingsbury)

Dewey, Eleanor M. (Clark)

Low, Fletcher

Wellington, Charles

Dewey, Ellen M.

Low, Georgia

Wellington, Charles H.

Dewey, Frank Otis

Low, Margery S.

Wellington, Fred A.

Dewey, Gardner W.

Lucia S. Gray

Wellington, George Nicholson

Dewey, George


Wellington, Henriette Nicholson

Dewey, Harriet Emeline

Luella Oxgood

Wells, Collin

Dewey, Henry Grosvenor

M M Carlty

Wells, David Collin

Dewey, Henry Sweetser

M. B. Moore

Wells, Elizabeth (Cornell)

Dewey, I. O.

M. Conley

Wells, Elizabeth (Tucker)

Dewey, Israel Otis

M. Crarly

Wells, Elizabeth T.

Dewey, J. Otis

M. D. James

Wells, Ruth

Dewey, Jennet

M. G. Brown

Wentworth, Charles

Dewey, Jennie

M. Geo. Allen

Wentworth, Jane

Dewey, John

M. H Trumbull

Wentworth, Jr., Carl M.

Dewey, Joseph

M. H. Hitchcock

Wentworth, Nancy L.

Dewey, Joseph Boyden

M. H. Kellyy

West, Belle C.

Dewey, Joseph L.

M. H. Trumbull

West, H. E.

Dewey, Langell

M. J. Leary

West, William

Dewey, Laura A.

M. J. Smith

West, William M.

Dewey, Laura Ardelia

M. S. Beady

Wethey, Emma M. (Clough)

Dewey, Lucy

M. W. Johnson

Wethey, Frances V. V.

Dewey, Luke

Mabel L. Avery

Wethey, Francis Van Vechten

Dewey, Maria Anne

MacDonald, Anna Sophia (Gustafson)

Wheeler, George

Dewey, Maria E.

MacDonald, Harry A.

Wheeler, Mary

Dewey, Mary

MacDonald, Malcolm A.

Wheelock, Eleazar, 1711-1779

Dewey, Mary Jane

MacDonald, Mary Belle

Wheelock, Eleazer

Dewey, Sabra (Worthington)

MacDonald, Nellie M.

Wheelock, Johannis (John)

Dewey, Sarah Ann

Mack, Emily E.

Wheelock, Maria

Dewey, Sarah C. (Lord)

Mack, James

Wheelock, Mary (Brinsmead)

Dewey, Sarah W., d. 1828

MacNichol (McNicol), Donald T.

Whitcher, Raymond Calvin

Dewey, Sarah, 1787-1788

MacNichol (McNicol), John A.

Whitcher, Sylvia Enide

Dewey, Sarah, 1831-1865

MacNichol (McNicol), Mary H.

Whitcher, William Leo

Dewey, Temperance W.

MacNichol, John A.

Whitcomb, Dora E.

Dewey, William Phelps

Magee, Elmina C.

Whitcomb, Fred Bartlett

Dewey, William Worthington

Magee, John B.

Whitcomb, Fred Bartlett Haskins

Dexter, Phebe

Maltby, John M.

Whitcomb, Fred Haskins

Dexter, Steven, 1791-1798

Marchell, Clara Mrs.

Whitcomb, P.H.

Dexter, Steven, Sr.

Marcott, Peter

Whitcomb, Parmenas H.

Dick Hawes

Marcotte, Emelie Boulanger

Whitcomb, R. H.

Dickey, John Sloan

Marcotte, Peter

Whitcomb, Sarah M. (Haskins)

Dimond, Ezekiel Webster

Marden, Charles C.

Whitcomb, Willie Allen

Dimond, Sally (Bean)

Marden, Eliza L. (Davis)

Whitcomb, Willie Allen Haskins

Dixon, Alice Tucker

Marden, Lucetta (Merrill)

Whitcomb, Willie Haskins

Dixon, Frank Haigh

Marden, S. D.

White, Jane

Dixon, Nancy Scott

Marden, Samuel D.

Whitford, Homer

Dixon, Roger Coit

Marden, Sarah O.

Whitford, Ruth E. (Fisher)

Dobie, Abbie C.

Marion B. Furber

Whitmore, Sidney

Dobie, Jane Reed

Markham, Rosina F. (Fuller)

Whitmore, Susan

Dobie, John A.

Marshall (Ryder), Carrie E. M.

Whittier, Charles M.

Donahue, Ellen Warren

Marshall (Ryder), Henry D.

Whittier, Julia Russell (Long)

Donaldson, Isabella

Marshall, Alice A. (Flanders)

Wicker, G. R.

Donaldson, James

Marshall, Bernice M.

Wicker, George Ray

Douglas, Henry C.

Marshall, Clara A. (Tucker)

Wicker, Mable Louise

Douglas, Jennie E. (Mason)

Marshall, Emmett H.

Will. Poland

Douglas, Robert

Marshall, Fred

Willard G. Hurlbut

Douglas, Sidney B.

Marshall, Fred E.

Willard G. Hurlbutt

Douglass, Henry C.

Marshall, Gladys E.

Willard, John

Douglass, Jabez A.

Marshall, Henry H.

William G. A.

Douglass, Marilla

Marshall, Herbert?

William G. Boyd

Douglass, Sidney B.

Marshall, Jennie A.

William J. Boyd

Douglass, William Camden

Mary F. Chase

William W. Ranney

Dow, Albert H.

Mary L. Palmer

Williams, George A.

Dow, Cleora (Tenney)

Mason, David

Williams, Mary V.

Dow, Edward E.

Mason, Fannie Chase

Williston, Achsah

Dow, Elizabeth B.

Mason, Jennie E.

Williston, Fanny

Dow, Louis Henry

Mason, Jennie F.

Williston, George

Dow, Mary Irving

Mason, Mary Morgan

Willson, John

Dow, Rebecca Rumrill

Mason, Thomas E.

Wilson, A. Kimball

Dow, Salmon

Masterson, Augustus Christopher

Wilson, Cleveland R.

Dow, Sanford

Masterson, C.

Wing, Annie M. (Carter)

Downing, Abbie S. (Sargent)

Masterson, Catherine M.

Wing, David E.

Downing, L. B.

Masterson, Catherine M., 1826-1901

Winters, Anna Mae

Downing, Lillie B.

Masterson, Christopher

Winters, John

Downing, Lucien B.

Masterson, Christopher, 1829-1904

Winters, Margaret Cooley

Downing, Martha F. (Taylor)

Masterson, Christopher, Jr.

Wm Cofran

Downing, Nellie R.

Masterson, Christopher, Jr., 1859-1915

Wm L. Barnes

Downing,L. B.

Masterson, Ellen (Sheehan)

Wm W. Ranney

Doyle, Burtie

Masterson, Harry J.

Wm. Beuton

Doyle, Edward H.

Masterson, James

Wm. G. Boyd

Doyle, Josie L. (Krans)

Masterson, John

Wm. J. Boyd

Doyle, Leona L.

Masterson, Katherine

Wm. J. Boyed

Dr. A. H. Crosby

Masterson, Katherine, 1896-1901

Wm. L. Barnes

Dr. A. H. Curly

Masterson, Lily M.

Wm. M. Ranney

Dr. A. H. Custy

Masterson, Michael J.

Wm. Patterson

Dr. Currier

Maurice C Aldrich

Wm. W. Ranney

Dr. E. R. Pecolec

Maurice C. Aldrich

Wm.L. Barnes

Dr. E. R. Percolec


WmL. Barnes

Dr. E. R. Perolec

Maxham, A.E.

Wood, Augustus

Dr. Frost

Maxham, Addison E.

Wood, Charles H.

Dr. J. A Smith

Maxham, Elizabeth E. (Kibling)

Wood, George H.

Dr. J. C. H. Peltec

Maxham, Ned

Wood, Georgia A. H. (Dudley)

Dr. Leeds

Maxham, Ned (Eddie)

Wood, Georgie H.

Dr. Luds

Maxham, Viva

Wood, Gilman G.

Dr. Lunds

Maynard, Mary

Wood, Lou

Dr. P. C. Frost

McCarthy, Bridget

Wood, Sarah J.

Dr. Peaslee

McCarthy, Catherine

Wood, Sophronia S.

Dr. Sandborn

McCarthy, Charles T.

Woodman, John S.

Dr. Thomas Church

McCarthy, Charles, 1852-1864

Woodman, Thomas S.

Dr. W. T. Smith

McCarthy, Chas. T.

Woods, Erville B.

Dr. William M. Chamberlain

McCarthy, Cornelius

Woods, Erville Bartlett

Driggs, Emma (Russ)

McCarthy, Daniel

Woods, Frank A.

Driggs, Hiram C.

McCarthy, Daniel J.

Woods, Lilla (Sorrenson)

Duberger, Mathilda

McCarthy, Eugene T.

Woods, Myra B.

Duberger, Myron

McCarthy, George S.

Woodward, Abigail

Duberger, Thomas

McCarthy, J. Henry

Woodward, Bezaleel

Duclos, Alice V. (Boucher)

McCarthy, James

Woodward, Gulielmo H.

Duclos, George

McCarthy, James T.

Woodward, Henry


McCarthy, John

Woodward, J. Bezaleel

Dudley, Albert G. W.

McCarthy, John B., 1860-1913

Woodward, Mary (Wheelock)

Dudley, Amy E. (Finney)

McCarthy, John W., 1866-1932

Worman, C.W.

Dudley, Anna

McCarthy, John, 1858-1938

Worman, F.I.

Dudley, Charles L.

McCarthy, Julia

Worman, George Henry

Dudley, D. Austin

McCarthy, Katherine E.

Worman, Harry E.

Dudley, Delight (Snow)

McCarthy, Margaret

Worman, J.

Dudley, Edward Milo

McCarthy, Mary

Worman, John

Dudley, Elihu L.

McCarthy, Mary A.

Worman, Margaret A.

Dudley, G. F.

McCarthy, Mary Ellen

Worman, Martha Jane

Dudley, G. T.

McCarthy, Mary, 1862-1864

Worthen, Elizabeth (Washburn)

Dudley, George

McCarthy, Michael

Worthen, Elizabeth Washburn

Dudley, Jason

McCarthy, Owen

Worthen, Harry N.

Dudley, John L.

McCarthy, Teresa

Worthen, Helen M. (Chase)

Dudley, Jonathan

McCarthy, Theresa C. (Heney)

Worthen, Mrs. Helen

Dudley, Lizzie L.

McCarthy, William E.

Worthen, Mrs. T. W. D

Dudley, Lucretia P.

McCurdy, Margaret

Worthen, T.W.D.

Dudley, Lucy H. (Perry)

McDonald, Mrs. H.A.

Worthen, Thomas Wilson Dorr

Dudley, M. E.

McGuire, Annie T. (Healey)

Wright, Aaron

Dudley, Mary D. (Gove)

McGuire, Thomas H.

Wright, Eliza

Dudley, Mary S. (Jones)

McKenna, Robert A

Wright, Helena T.

Dudley, Minerva (Armstrong)

McKennan, Mrs. Robert A.

Wright, Nathaniel

Dudley, Olivia M. (Cook)

McKennan, Robert A.

Yara, J. A.

Dudley, Robert Gove

McKennan, Roberta

Young, Augusta M.

Dudley, William H.

McLance, Elisabeth (Bancroft)

Young, Charles A.

Dudley, Willie E.

McLance, John Ray

Young, Charles Ira

Duget, Sally

McLane, Elisabeth (Bancroft)

Young, Eliza Minot (Adams)

Duncan, Sarah Olcott

McLane, John Roy

Young, Frederick

Duncan, William H.

McLean, Andrew

Young, Ira

Dunham, Howard F.

McNally, Catharine Curry

Young, Marie (Widenhorn)

Dunklee, Abraham

McNally, John

Young, Paul F.

Dunklee, Nancy C.

McNicol, Donald T.

Young, Paul P.

Dunklee, Susan


Young, W. H.

Durkee, Elizabeth

Mead, William

Young, William Henry

Durkee, Huldah

Meck, John F.

Zora Dubeyer

Durkee, Ruel C., 1813-1897

Merrill, Abel

Zorrilla, D.

Durkee, Ruel, 1791-1870

Merrill, Anny

Zorrilla, E.

E. D. Field

Merrill, Ebenezer

Zorrilla, Ernesto

E. E. Jolton

Merrill, Ebnezer

[Fanand?] J. Stanley

E. Grant

Merrill, John



Grafton County (N.H.)

Norwich (C.T.)

Albany (N.Y.)

Groton (C.T.)

Norwich (V.T.)

Andover (M.A.)


Norwich VT

Auburn (N.Y.)

Halifax (N.S.)


Baltimore (M.D.)


Pelham (N.H.)

Baltimore Co. Md.

Hanover (N.H.)

Penn Yan (N.Y.)

Bangor (M.E.)

Hanover Center

Pittsburgh (P.A.)

Barnet, Vt.

Hanover Center Cemetery

Pittsfield (M.A.)

Barre (V.T.)

Hanover Center N.H.

Pomfret (V.T.)

Bath (M.E.)

Hanover Center, N.H.

Pomfret, Conn.

Berlin, Vt.

Hanover Centre N.H.

Portland (M.E)


Hanover Ctr.

Princeton (N.J.)

Bethleham (N.H.)

Hanover N.H.

Randolph (V.T.)

Boston (M.A.)

Hanover NH

Red Hook (N.Y.)

Bowling Green (O.H.)

Hanover, N.H.

Rhode Island

Brattleboro (V.T.)

Harrow (England)

Riverdale Cemetery

Brimfield (M.A.)

Hartford (V.T.)

Royalston (M.A.)

Brook Haven (N.Y.)

Hopkinton (N.H.)

Saco (M.E.)

Brookfield (V.T.)

Houston (T.X.)

Saint Thomas (United States Virgin Islands : Island)

Brooklyn (N.Y.)

Hudson (O.H.)

Salem (M.A.)

Brooks Mountain (W.Y.)

Jacksonville (F.L.)

Salisbury (N.H.)

Brunswick (M.E.)

Kansas City Mo.

San Diego (C.A.)

Cambridge (M.A.)

Kansas City, Mo.

Sanbornton (N.H.)


Keene (N.H.)

Sanborton (N.H.)

Canterbury (C.T.)

Kelso (Scotland)

Sandusky (O.H.)


Kensington (M.D.)

Scarsdale (N.Y.)

Ceylon, India

Knox (M.E.)

Schenectady (N.Y.)

Charlestown (N.H.)

Lansingburgh (N.Y.)


Charlottesville, Va.

Lebanon NH

Sedalia (M.O.)

Chelmsford, Mass.

Lempster (N.H.)

Shelburne N.H.

Chester (N.H.)

Lewiston (N.Y.)

Sherbrooke, P. Q.

Chicago (I.L.)

Littleton (N.H.)

Shrewsbury (M.A.)

Cincinnati (O.H.)

London (England)

South Carolina

City of New York

Lowell (M.A.)

Southwest Harbor (M.E.)

Claremont (N.H.)

Lyme (N.H.)

Spencer (M.S.)

Claremont N.H


Springfield (I.L.)

Clinton (N.Y.)

Manchester (N.H.)

Springfield (N.H.)

Columbia (T.N.)


St. Dene (C.E.)

Columbus (O.H.)

Marietta (O.H.)

St. Johnsbury (V.T.)

Concord (N.H.)


Stafford (C.T.)


Melrose, Mass.

Stafford (N.H.)

Connecticut River

Melrose, Massaschusetts

Sterling (M.A.)

Connecticutt River

Meriden (N.H.)

Strafford (V.T.)

Corinth, Vt.

Middletown (N.J.)

Suffield (C.T.)

Cowling (England)

Milford (N.H.)

Summit, N.J.

Dartmouth Cemetery

Milford in Connecticut

Sutton (M.A.)

Devonshire (England)

Milford, Connecticutt

Talladega (A.L.)

Dexter, N.Y.

Milton (Canada)

Templeton (M.A.)

Drewsville (N.H.)

Milwaukee (W.I.)


Drummondsville (P.Q.)


Thetford (V.T.)

Duluth, Minn.

Monroe (N.H.)

Tilton (N.H.)

Durham (Canada)

Namslau (Germany)

Tunbridge (V.T.)

Durham, N.H.

Neumarkt (Germany)

Utica (N.Y.)

East Corinth (V.T.)

New Bedford (M.A.)


East Orange, N.J.

New Braintee (N.H.)

Warner (N.H.)

East Randolph (V.T.)

New Braintree

Washington (D.C.)

East Sheldon (V.T.)

New Hampshire

Weathersfield, Conn.

Ellington (C.T.)

New Haven (C.T.)

Wellesley, Mass.


New Ipswich (N.H.)

West Lebanon (N.H.)

Etna N.H.

New York

West Palm Beach (F.L.)


New York City

West Summit, N.J.

Fayetteville (N.Y.)

New York N.Y.

White River Junction (Vt.)

First Congre- gatioal Society

New York, N. Y.

Whitefield (N.H.)

First Congrega- tional Society

Newbury (M.A.)

Wilton in South Car olina

Foster, Anna

Newbury vt

Winchester (C.T.)

Framingham (M.A.)

Newbury, Vermont

Woburn (M.A.)


Newburyport (M.A.)

Woodstock (C.T.)


Newport (N.H.)

Xivery (France)

Glasgow (Scotland)

Newton (N.H.)

Yarmouth Maine

Gorham (N.H.)

North Yarmouth (M.E.)

Yarmouth, Maine

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Sherman, Frank Asbury

D. Blaisdale

Maj. Tenny

4th Liberty [Loan]

E. Hodges

Marcia A. Hurlbutt

Aiden, Charles A.

Electric Bond & Share $6 Pfd.

Mrs. Mary E. Woodbury

Alice H. Spaulding

H.F Derley

S. D Smith

Arthur L. Barnes

Hanover Centere N.H.

Sarah W Hurlbutt

Arthur [L}. Barnes

Henrietta J. Boyd

Sherman, Frank, Asbury

C. M. Hardyn}} Note

Jennie M. Derley


Charles E Homan

John A [Humis

Wm J. Boyd

Col. Smith

Kathrina E. Spencer

[May] J. Boyd


Laura A Barnes

Crosby, Alheus Benning, d. 1877

Lizzie E. Ferson