Mr Michell

Not knowing that I shall have an opportunity to disclose my mind to you I send it you on paper. In consequence of my refusing to do my duty I have for some days been much depressed in my mind

Pride and duty have had a severe conflict in my breast and I hope through the goodness of God that duty is about to prevail

I feel that I am now ready to be offered I hope I am ready to come up to the help of the Lord and do what he has required of me to do

At any time you think propper to appoint I feel now that I shall be ready and willing to take up my cross and follow my Lord and master whithersoever he leadeth me

Please to unite your prays with my feeble petitions at the throne of grace that the Lord will stand by and protect me the most unworthy of all that evry evil thought may be banished from my mind

P Phelps

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