The Order of a particular Church, collected from the new- testament, and adopted by ---- ---- as their views of the order of the Church of God.

1 The Church of Christ may be considered either as general or particular, by the Church of Christ in general sence, is meant the whole body of the Redeemed. See Eph. 1th 22.III.10.V.24,25,27,29,32. 18,24.

II By the Church of Christ in a particular sence is meant a number of beleivers imbodied together in any town or contiguous district, according to rules of Christ. Acts XIV.23,27. XV.3,4,32. Chap.XI.22,26.

III We profess to be one of these particular bodies.

IV Neither to word Church, nor any thing that answers to a particular Gospel church, is to be found in the old Testament; therefore the order of a Gospel church is to be sought for in the New Testament. The Apostle told the Corinthians (1 Cor.14.40) Let all things be done decently and in order. see also Col.II.5 Titus I.v5.

V Two things appear to be necessary to be performed, in and by the creature: 1 A change of heart to be wrought in him by the Holy Ghost. 2 His submission to the ordenance of baptism or burying in water, in order for the organization of a church or the reception of individual members. Math 28.19. Mark XVI.15,16

VI 1 The With regard to baptism 4 things may be observed; 1 the time : as soon as after the candidate beleived and was convinient Acts II.38,41.VIII.36,38.IX.18.XVI.14,15, and 33. 2 The place for baptism: this is a river, or any place of much water Math III.5,6. John III.23. or sufficient water to go down into and come up out of Act VIII.38,39. 3 The mode when at the water. -1 The Baptizer and the Candidate went down into the water; 2 The baptizer baptized the or dipped the candidate in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. 3 They came up out of the water. see Math III.16 Acts VIII.38,39. 4 The administrators of Baptism.- Such as are sent by God for to preach and Baptize. John I.5, 33. Math. XXVIII.19.

VII Those who have been thus renewed and baptized should continue stedfast in the Apostles' doctrine and fellowship, and breaking of bread and prayer. In what particular manner those who were renewed and baptized, were formed into a visible church, we are not informed; But some visible manefestation should be given to each other that they are "joined in the same heart and the same judgement" 1 Cor.1.10. That they profess "one Lord, one faith, one baptism." Eph.IV.5. And they have fellowship for each other Acts II.42.

VIII A church thus constituted should observe all things writen in the scripture that she may be [a]difyed.

The first thing in order is to have an Elder, or Bishop. thus the Apostles ordained Elders in every Church Acts XIV.23. The mode of their ordination is by fasting, prayer, and laying on of hands. Acts VI.6.XIII.1,2,3.

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The man qualifyed for this work is spoken of in 1th Tim III.1 to 7. see also 2 Cor. VI.1 to 10. What they are appointed for is mentioned Eph.IV.12.13. The reasonableness of their being supported by the is argued in 1 Cor. IX.1 to 14.

The second thing in order is the choise of Deacons. for this see 1 Tim.III.8 to 13.

The third thing order, are the duties of members to each other. These may be best learned by a prayerful and dayly attention to the scripture.

The fourth thing in order is the communion of the church; for the order of this, see Math XXVI.26. Acts II.41,42. 1 Cor. XI.23 to 26. As baptism was the 1th act after beleiving, and they who beleived and were baptized, continued in the Apostle's doctrine and fellowship and breaking of bread; and prayer; so we have no authority to commune before we are baptized, or to commune with those who depart from the visible order of the church of God.

The fifth thing in order, is the manner of dealing with unruly members, in scriptural way. for this see Math. XVIII.15, to 16. 1 Cor V.[1]1. Titus III.10. 2 Thess.III.6. Gal.VI.1.

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