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The Church of Christ is genral, or particular. By the church of christ in a genral sence, is meant the whole body of the redeemed. see Eph. 22.111.10 V. 25, 27, 29, 32. Col. 1th, 18, 24.

By the Church of Christ in a particular sence is meant a number of beleivers inbodied together in any town or contiguous districts, according to the rules of Christ.* One of these latter bodies We profess to be. The word church in is no where to found in the old testament; therefore the order of a Gospel church is found alone in the new-testament.

The Apostle Paul told the Corinthian (1 Chap.14.40) “Let all things be done decently and in order.” See also Col.11.5 Titus 1.v.

Two things appear to be necessary to be a performed in and by the creature, in order for the organization of a church, or the reception of individual members. 1th a change of heart, 2nd Baptism or burying in water. Mark. XVI. 15,16. Math.28. 19.

1 The time to baptize, is as the soon subject beleived as was convinient; see Acts 11.32.44 VIII.36,38. IX.18.XVI.14, 15. and 33.

2nd The place for baptism;- this is river or any place where there is much water Math. 111.5, 6. John 111.23. sufficient water to go down into, and come out of, Acts VIII. 38,39.

3.rd The mode when at the water. – 1 The baptizer and the candidate went down into the water.

2 the baptizer baptized an diped the candidate into the water in name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

3 they came o up out of the water. see Math. 111. 16.Acts VIII.38,39.

4 The administraters of Baptism.- Such as are sent by God, either immediately as in the case of John the Baptist; John 1.5, 33. or 12. and the or mediatly, thro' [...] church and twelve Apostles, Mark, 111.13,14. Math XXVIII.19. or mediately thro' the church Acts [illegible]. XIII.1,2.

------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Acts 14.23,27. compared with chap. XV.3, 4, and 22. chap Xi 22,26. Rom. XV.5. Col. IV.15. 1 Cor.1.2.

30 4 120

1[2] 7 84 [8] 9 7/102 14,17

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Those who have been thus called and renewed and baptized are should continue stedfast in the Apostles' doctrine, and fellowship and breaking of bread and prayer. In what particular manner [small doodle] those who where thus renewed and baptized were formed into a visible church, we are not informed; but some visible manefestation should given to of the each other that they are joined together in “one heart and one judgement” 1th Cor. 10. that they profess one Lord, one faith, one Baptism. that the Eph. IV. 5. That they have fellowship to each other Acts 11.42. A Church thus constituted, wants ought to observe certain all things that are[scribble] writen for her a edification.

The 1th thing in order is to have, a Bishop or Elder thus the Apostles ordained Elders in every Church Acts XV XIV.23. The mode of their ordin ation is, simply by fasting, praying and laying on of hands. Acts VI.6. XIII.1,2,3. Their [dithers] The man qualifyed for this work is spoken of in the 1th Tim. 111.1-7. see also 2 Cor. VI. [22:1]1-10. What they are appointed for is mentioned in Eph IV. 12,13. The duty of the churches to support their faithful C labourers is argued in 1 Cor. IX. 1-14.

The 2nd thing in order are Deacons for this, see 1 Tim. III. 8-13.

The 3rd thing is the duty of members to each others these may be be best learned by a prayerful, and dayly attention to the scripture.

The 4 thing is the communion of the Church. for the order of this see Math. XXVI.26. Acts 11.41,42. 1 Cor XI.23,26. As baptism was the first act after beleive and they who beleived and where baptized continued in the Apostles’ doctrine and fellowship xc.; so we have no authority to commune before we are baptized, or to commune with such who depart from the visible order of the church of God.

5 Thing is the manner of dealing with unruly members, in a scriptural way. for this see Math XVIII.15,16,17. 1 Cor. V. XI 11. Titus 111.10. 2 Thess. 111.6. Gal. VI. 1

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