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Martin Luther. "It cannot
Proved by the sacred
scriptures, that infant
Baptism was instituted by
Christ, or begun by the first
Christians after Christ
the Apostles."

Curcellaeus, a divine of Genava,
and Professor of Divinity;
"Infant Baptism was
introduced without the
command of Christ,
and that in the two first
centuries, no trace of it
appears. And some of our
most learned divines
admit that there is no ex-
press proof for it in
the scriptures. Dr.
Predeaux says, Infant
Baptism rest on no other
divine right but Episcopacy"


Notes and Questions

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Could we assume this is who Mitchell is refferring to:
Étienne de Courcelles (Latin: Stephanus Curcellaeus?)
Born Geneva 1586 - 1659. Arminian Greek scholar and translator.

Episcopacy: Government of the church by Bishops.

Humphrey Prideaux: Dean of Norwich 1702-1714

Samara Cary

This will be very helpful when we begin subject research, thank you so much!