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The Austin Fanzine Project started as a relatively straightforward digitization and transcription project intended to improve access to the documents of a recently-historical subculture – the Austin, Texas underground music scene of the 1990s. The project has blossomed into a sandbox for creative experimentation with digital archives and digital humanities methods and tools. To date the project volunteers have digitized fanzines and posted the resulting downloadable files; researched digital archives best practices and crafted project policies; experimented with crowd-sourced transcription and indexing using new open-source software; and explored ways to virtually visualize the connections in real-life communities via maps, e-books, and audio tours. The digitized material has already proved useful for a variety of uses including, most recently, a collaboration with the Early Modern OCR Project. To follow the Austin Fanzine Project’s progress, follow the blog, friend us on Facebook &/or follow us on Twitter. You can help out by transcribing fanzines from home in your spare time!


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