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Collector: Grinnell - 1925
Location: Lassen Section
Date: June 12, 1925
Page Number: 2460

slopes of Inskip Hill); Calif. Woodpecker; Nuttall
; Calif. Purple Finch (very common and in
full song here in the black oaks); Linnet (equally
common and in full song); Western Tanager (one
in full song, as I write); Cassins Vireo and
Western Warbling Vireo (equally in evidence);
Wood Pewee (common); Ash-Throated Flycatcher (
"buckaroo" song heard early in the morning from
slopes of Inskip Hill; Black-Throated Gray Warbler
(several singing males); Lutescent Warbler (one
singing male) Western Lark Sparrow (several); Western Chipping sparrow (common
and singing); Green-backed Goldfinch (singing birds
almost continually within hearing); Wren-tit
(heard song from bushy slopes of Inskip Hill;
Valley Quail (sentinel call of male in distance);
Plain Tit (one pair, in black oaks); Slender-billed
(very common); Bullock Oriole (one heard);
Morning Dove (several have flown past);
The "stream" right here is now dry - all the
water taken out for the ranches around Payne Creek
P.O. But down below here a few rods a
narrow canyon begins, cut down thru the lava
cap, and there, there are potholes with water,
the source, apparently, for the birds of these
woods. Along the ravine are luxurious
golden oaks, densely blooming syringia (Philadelphus),
ash trees, etc. Up in the rocky walls are
bushes of Cercis and Rhus Trilobata.

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unknown1 - same unknown hill as previously.


unknown2 - Name of flowering plant.


unknown3 - Genus of same flowering plant.


unknown4 - Genus (presumably) of another plant. Could also be a common name.


In "P.O. But down below here a few nods" changed "nods" to "rods", a surveying unit = 16.5 feet