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of mail and sold some time to sponsors. So he liked it. We expanded it and did another hour between noon and one thirty. this was in January, 1946, I think."

"In the end of 1947 the owner of the station, who lived in Columbus, Georgia, came to Atlanta and heard what we were doing. And that was the last day I worked there."

"I got a job with MGST, a state-owned station, with the permission of Herman Talmade to do a blues show at night. The manager wanted to do it 'cause they were running a bit short of money too. Radio at that time was beginning to feel TV breathing down their necks ... So anything for a buck. And it was successful. It started about ten o'clock and stayed 'til one. and if I could sell more time to adventisers it went even longer. It had a good audience. That's when I became popular n the Negro community."21 By then, he was known as "Daddy" Sears.

In August, 1948, a group whose success inspired countless other ornithological names, released "It's Too Soon To Know." originally the Vibra-Naires, the Baltimore group named itself after Maryland's state bird - the Oriole. They had been preceded by the Ravens, and were quickly followed by the Crows, the Penguins, the Swallows, the Cardinals, the Wrens, the Robins, the Hawks, the Jayhawks and the Pelicans.

The song writer, a white Baltimore department store salesclerk named Deborah Chessler, had sung the song backstage at Baltimore's Royal Theater for Dinah Washington. Washington didn't record it, but the Orioles recorded a demo and Chessler used it

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