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copyright 1976
by Julian Bond

Social problems of the 70s and 80s

Despite that, I've been asked speak about the future.

To discuss the future at all is risky; none of us knows for sure what the next few minutes may bring.

Futurists even have their own language - they discuss the post-industrial, post-scarcity, superindustrial, globally homeopathic, post-affluent, prefigurative society that may, they say, be soon upon us. Their models are developed through trend [illegible] extrapolation, cross impact analysis, mutual causal paradigms, and transformational matrixes, predicted on resometrics, technotronics, synergetics or anticipatory democracy within either macro or micro systems.

We can surely expect much change by the year 2000.

25 years from now our world's population may be 6 billion people. We may have by then developed the ability to create ourselves through genetic engineering, to create a race of men and women less hostile ] 2 to each other, less selfish of their own resources. We may be able to alter our weather, as well as our consciousness.

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