E. von Hasslocher

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A collection of ten letters from Hasslacher in Geyserville, Sonoma County, to his friend, Louis Noll in Oakland. Dated 1873-1876, the letters discuss family matters relating to health and finance, including a request to borrow money. A letter dated Oct. 23, 1876, talks of picking grapes and making wine. There is also a business letter from L. Lay & Co. in Golconda, Nev., to Bradley & Co. in San Francisco dated Oct. 6, 1889, which seems unrelated to the Hasslacher letters. Please note that historical materials in this collection may include viewpoints and values that are not consistent with the values of the California State Library or the State of California and may be considered offensive. Materials must be viewed in the context of the relevant time period but views are in no way endorsed by the State Library. The California State Library’s mission is to provide credible information services to all Californians and, as such, the content of historical materials should be transcribed as it appears in the original document.




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