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Alexander and the ambassadors of Darius,

that thou hast [vnnethes] wherewith thou may sustain thy [caytyfde corse. Wene^ thou than], to bring under thy subjection the empire of Darius. I say that by my Father Saul, that in the room of Persia there is so great plenty of gold, that, & it were gathered together on a heap, It should pass the [clearness?] of the sun. Wherefore we command them, and straightly enjoins them, that thou leave thy full pride and thy vain glory, & turn home again to Macedonia. And if thou will note so, we shall send to them a multitude of men of arms such as saw thou never, the which shall take them, and hang them high off a gibbet as a traitor and a master of thief: and not as the son of Philippe.'

When the messengers that were sent for Darius come to king Alexander, they gave him the letters, and the bane & other certain [lapes], that the emperor sent him in scorn. And Alexander took the letters, and the Great read it openly before all men, and Alexander knights when they heard the tenor of the letters were greatly astounded and wonder [heuy]. And when Alexander saw them so [heuy] because of the letters, he said unto them: * a a, my worthy knights,' quoth he, 'are thee feared" for the proud words that are contained in Darius letters, [wate 3e noghte well that hundreds, that break much, bites men noghte so sone, as does hundreds that comes on men without breaking. We true well the letter says [sothe] of something, that is to say, of the great plenty of gold, that Darius says he has. And therefore let us manly fight with him and we shall have that gold. For the great multitude of his gold, as methink, should [gare] us be bold and hardy for to fight with him manly.'

When Alexander had said their words, he bade his knights take the messengers of Darius and bind their hands behind them and lead them forth to the gallows-ward, and then the messengers began for to cry ruefully until Alexander said: "A, A worshipful lord & king', quoth they, 'what have we trespassed, that we shall be hanged for our king's death'. And then king Alexander answered': 'the words of our Emperor', quoth he, [augurs?] me do this, that sent thou unto me, as unto a thief, as the

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