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The Bishop of the Jews' dream.

after, when the Bishop hadd made his sacrifice, and was
lyand in prayers, he fell on slomeryng and ane Angel appered
vn-till hym, and sayd, 'Be noyte ferd,' quoth he, 'bot swythe
4 gere araye honestly all the stretis of (the) citee, and caste open
the yates, and warne all the folk that thay aray tham in whitte
clethynge, and thi-self & alle the prestis reuestey yow solempnely,
and to-morne arely wendey furthe of the citee agaynes Alexander
8 in processioun. For hym by-houey * reign & be lord of alle
the werlde. But at the laste the wrethe of gode sall falle apon
hym.' When the bischoppe wakened of his slepe, he called till
hym the iewes and talde tham his reuelacion, and bad tham do
all als the Angelle hade schewed hym. And they did so. For they arrayed the streets of the city and clad them in white clothing, and the bishop & the priests request them, and both they and all the folk went further of the city to a place where the temple & all the city may be seen. And there they have bade the coming of Alexander. And when Alexander come near this foresaid place, and saw before him such a multitude of folk, clad all in white, and the priests arrayed solemnly in rich vestments, and the bishop also in his pontificals and a mitre on his head, and thereupon a plate of gold, whereon was written the name of great god [YHWH?], he commanded all his men that they should hold them behind him, and abide till he come to them. And he lighted off his horse, and went by him on to the jewes, And knelt down to the earth and worshipped the high name of god, that he saw there written upon the bishop's head. And then all the jews knelt down & saluted Alexander and cried all with a voice: 'live, live,' quoth they, ' great Alexander, live, live the greatest Emperor of the world, live he that shall overcome all men and not be overcome. Prince most glorious and most worthy of all the princes that reign upon earth.' When the kings of Surrey saw this, they had great wonder thereof. And a prince of Alexanders, that [highte] Parmenion, said unto Alexander: ' My lord the Emperor,' quoth he, ' we marvel it greatly that thou, whom all men worship and [lowtey,] worship here the bishop of the Jews.' And Alexander answered, ' I worship not him,' this quoth he, 'But God whose state he presents. For when I was in Macedonia, and unbethought me, on what

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