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Tlte Vision of Serapis ; Anectanabuss image.

him. 'Alexander,' quoth he, 'may thou take this mountain on thy shoulder & bear it away?' Quoth Alexander, 'how might any man do that?' And Serapis answered & said, 'right as this mountain shall never without end be removed [hethen], so thy name & thy deeds shall be made mind of to the world's end. And then Alexander prayed him that he would prophecy him what kind [of] death he should die. Serapis answered and said, 'It is not speedful to a man to know his painful ending. For if he knew it, peradventrue, he should never have Joy in his heart. Nevertheless because thou has prayed me to tell thee, I shall say thee. After a drink thou shall take thy dead. For in thy youth, thou shall make thine ending. But spir me nother the time not the hour when it shall be, For I will in no ways tell it to thee. [For-whi] gods of the [este partiez] of the world shall tell thee all their words.' When Alexander wakened of his dream, he was right [heuy], and sent the most substance of his Oste to the City of Askalon and bade them abide him there, and himself & a certain of men with him abide & there he [garte] make a City & called it Alexander after his own name.

In the meantime the Egyptians heard of the coming of Alexander, & they went against him & submit them unto him & [resayffed] him worshipfully. And when Alexander come unto Egypt, he found an image of a king made of black stone curiously crowned, and he asked the Egyptians whose image it was, and they answered & said, "It is the image,' quoth they, 'of Anectanabus that was king of Egypt not long since gone, the wisest & the worthiest that ever was therein.' Forsooth quoth Alexander, 'Anectanabus was my Father.' And then he kneeled down with great reverence & kissed the image. From there he went with his Oste to Syria. But the Syrians withstood him and fought with him and slew many of his knights. Nevertheless Alexander had the victory. And then he went to Damascus, & ensieged it & won it, and from there he went to Sydon & won it. And then he went unto the City of Tyre and laid siege about it, and [in] this Siege he lay many a day. And there

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