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Alexander wars with the Romans and Africans.

They allow
and con-
sent to his

* Leaf 4.
an army,
ships to
Italy, first

He takes
tribute of
the Ro-
mans and
of all
Europe as
far as the

sailing to
Africa he

The adven-
ture with
the hart.

He sacri-
fices to
the oracle.

He goes to
and sacri-
fices to his

The Yision
of Serapis.

alovvecriiis liie witte and hally fay assentedc to hym for to do
his lyste.

^ Sone aUer Alexander assemblede a grete Oste, & went bi
Scliippe to-\varde3 Ytaly, and als he come by Calcedoyne, he 4
assaylled" it re^te strangly, and Ipe folke of Calcedoyne * went
to ])e walles of })e Citee and defendid" manly. Bot at the laste
Alexander wafD the Citee, and fra thethyii) he Schippede
in-tiH Italy. And alsone als "pe Romaynes herd" of his comynge 8
J^ay were wonder ferde for hym), and tlie grete lordes of fe
lande tuke fourty thowsande3 of besande5 and ic corounes of
golde, and went vn-titt hym), and presant hym wet J>am) &
bysoughte hym ]>at he scholde no^te werrey appoiD J>am), ne 12
do J)ain) na harme. And than Alexander tuke trybute of J>e
Eomaynes, and of alte the folkes Ipat duelt bitwixe that & Ipe
weste Occeane, ]>e whilke regione es callede Europe, & lefte
J>am) in gude joesse. 16

^Fra thethyn he Schippede in-titt Affrice, in thee whilke
he fande bot fewe pat rebelled" agaynes hym and pare-fore
als [men] swa saye, euen) sodeynly he conquerid" it & broghte it
vnder his subiecciofD. And fra Affric he went by Schippe tilt ane 20
He, pat es called? Frontides, for to consaile wit a godd' pat pay
called" Amon). And as Alexander & his mefD went to- ward e^
pe temple of ]:)is for-said? godd", J>ay mett in pe waye a grete
hert pe whilke A\exander bad his men) sla wit arowes. And 24
J^ay schott at hj7n; bot nane of ]5am) myghte hitt hym.
And })an) Alexander tuke a bowe & schotte at hym & hitt
hym & slewe hym. And J'an) Alexander went in-to j^e temple,
& made sacrafyce of )?is hert vn-to godd" Amon, and by-soughte 28
hym pat he schulde gyffe hym ansuares. WhefD Alexander hade
made his prayers J>are to godd? Amon), he went wit his Oste
iy*-tili: a place J?at highte Taphoresey, In j^e whilke were feftene ^
gude townnes, & psij hade twelue grete reuers J^at rane in-to 32
J^e see, and at pe entree of J^ain) in-to pe see pare was drawen)
ouer grete chynes of yryne, and thare Alexandir made Sacrafice
tilt his godde^. And on j^e same nyghte, a godd? pat [bight]
Serapis apperid vn-titt hym in his slepe, cledd"" in riche 36
clothynge in ane horrible forme & a dredefutt, and said? vn-till

^ Three lines miniature S.
^ Five lines miniature F.

2 MS. has XV crossed through before


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