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in to the tethe, & slewe hym. And ane of the Oste said till
Alexander: 'Philippe thi fader' quoth he, 'lyes dede in the
felde.' And than Alexander went thedir thare he laye, and
saw hym euen at the dyinge. And than he began faste for to
wepe. And Philippe luked apoiD }\yrrh, & said?. ' A A, my dere
son Alexander,' qttoj) he, ' w^t a glade hert [I] may now dye,
for ]5at ]>0M so souwe hase venged? my dede,' & euerD wzt * ]>at

8 worde he jalde J^e gaste. And Alexander wirchipfully gert
hym be entered".

^ When kyng Philippe was entered, Alexander went and sett
hym in his trone, and gerte calle by-fore hym alle J^e folke J^at

12 was gaderd" thedir, lordes & o^er^ and said" vn-to Jjain) on J>is
wyse. ' Men),' q^to]? he, ' of Macedoyne of Tracy, and of Grece
byhalde3 J>e fegure of Alexander and putte^ oute of ^our
hertes drede of aite '^our enemys. For sekerly, and 50 witt take

16 gude hertis to 30W, thurghe J)e helpe of oure goddis he schatt hafe
]3e ouerhande of att joure neghtebours, and ^cwr name schatt
spred" ouer alle the werlde. And J)ar6-fore ilkane of 50W ]>ai
hase Armo-wr, makes it redy, and he })at hase nane come to my

20 palace & I satt gerre delyu<?r hym) att J>at hym nedis, and ilk
a mafD make hym redy to J^e werre/ And when) ]>q lordes and
knyghtis '\>ai ware of grete age, herd? thir wordes ]:>ay ansuerd*
Alexander, & said' vn-titt hym) : ' lorde,' qwo]^ thaye, ' we hafe

24 seruede 30ure fader a longe tyme & traueld' wit hym in his
werres, & J>are-fore we ere now so bryssed? in armes J>at '\>are
[es] no myghte lefte in vs for to suffre disesse J>at often) tymes
falles to men) of werre. For we ere streken) in grete age. And

28 J>are-fore, if it be plesynge vn-to 30W, we consaile 50W & we
beseken 5owe, that je chese 30W 3ong lordes & 5ong knyghtes,
]?at ere listy men) & able for to suffre disesse for to be w^t 50W.
For here we giffe vp att armes if it be ^our witt & forsakes

32 J^am) for eu«r.' And ]:>an) Alexander answerd? & said": ' I witt
rathere,' q-woj) he, ' chese J^e sadnesse of an aide wyse man) than)
]:>e vnavesy lightenesse of 3onge men). For 3ong men) often
tymes traystand? to mekitt in thaire awenn) doghtynes thurgh

36 ]:>aire awen) foly ere mescheued? Bot aide men) wirkes att by
consaile & by witte/ When) he had said thir wordes att men)

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