The prose life of Alexander

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The Prose Life of Alexander.No notesIndex
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2: Anectanabus's flight from the Persians. He greets Olympias.No notesTranslate
3: He would lie as a god with the young Queen.No notesTranslate
4: As a god he knows her, begets Alexander, beshields her.No notesTranslate
5: He makes Philip dream that she by a god conceives her saviour.1 noteTranslate
6: Amid wonders the child is born.No notesTranslate
7: The child is named Alexander ; his wondrousness.No notesTranslate
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King Philip's death and burial. Alexander's harangue.2 notesReview
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Letters of Darius and Alexander.No notesReview
44 Letter of Alexander. Another defat. Porus' letter.No notesReview
Darius' mother. Alexander's vision. 45No notesReview
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Wonderous beasts. 71.No notesReview
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The Brahmins to Alexander. Greek errors. 83No notesIndex
84 The Bahmins to Alexander; the ills of Heathendom.No notesIndex
Alexander on the worthlessness of Brahmin austerity. 85No notesTranslate
86 Alexander on the foolishness of Brahmin austerityNo notesTranslate
Dindimus to Alexander. Of the goodly ways of the Brahmins. 87No notesIndex
88 Alexander to the Brahmins. The pillars he raises.No notesTranslate
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