Sunday, October 21, 1923




A good day. Thomas
Brumfield is here. He come
yesterday. Ben carried Nellie
and Elain to Gretna this
morning. They were going
to Lynchburg to meet
Evylin and Claud. I
do hope that they got on
o.k. Lee and Ben and Hugh went
to Smiths[sic] Mountain
today. Henry went to
the baptizing at Camp
Branch Bridge.
Carrie and all of the
children come and Kate
come. I was very glad
that they come.
Jim went to Mr Ned
Walkers. He is sick
but is felling better
today. Jim and Ben was
late getting home
to night.

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There is a modern Camp Branch Road near Gretna. I hope the water was warm but I doubt it.