Tuesday, May 29, 1923




A good day. Ben and Henry
and Jim helped Mr.
Booker plant tobacco.
Watered and planted.
I have bin very
busy to day. I killed
and fried two chickens
for dinner. It is a hard
time to get any thing but
meat and bread.
Lizzie and Alma Bennett
come to see us this evening.
I certainly was glad
thay they come. Lizzie
has the tooth ache.
Lizzie brought Denia
some flower [slips?].
I let Edna and Franklin
go and carrie them

Notes and Questions

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It sounds like last year's potatoes (sweet and Irish) are all gone. She should have had turnip salad coming in (I think that there was a mention of it a month or so ago). I'm writing this in mid March in the Richmond area and I have seen local turnip greens advertised in the past week.