Sunday, May 20, 1923




A good morning. Rain this
evening. We are glad of rain.
Lawson Emerson staid here
last night after they quit
fishing. They caught three
eels. Henry and Lawson skined
them and had them ready to
cook for breakfast. They went
to Sunday school and
home for dinner. Ben and
Edna went to preaching
at Strait Stone. This evening
Ben carried the children
to Mr. Powers. Mrs Power
was not at home. They
come home through the rain.
Jim went to John
Hutchersons. While he was
over there Will Thomas
Davis shot at Will
Dickerson. Hit Bettie Davis.
A bad thing for Bob Starkey
as they were his hands.
To work Bettie was staying
with Mrs Elder.
Killed my chickens to day.

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