Wednesday, May 2, 1923




A good day. They planted
corn. Norman Owen was
here this morning.
I was fring pies for
dinner when Carrie
walked in I was so
glad. Marvin and the
children looks bad. They
have not got over the
measles. Eva ear[?] is in a
bad shape. I do hope
that they will get well
soon. Hope they got
home o.k. The children
went to school.
Henry went with
George Blain and Mr. Mayhew. I hope
he wont get hurt.
Jim planted some
things in the garden.

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"Fring pies" I assume means frying pies which are a sort of turnover. A circle of dough on which one places some sort of filling. The dough is then folded over, the edges sealed, and the pie fried. In addition to various fruits, I have seen them filled with sweet potato.