Monday, April 30, 1923




A good day. Ben went to
the mill. Did not get any
brand. Jim worked on the
fence. John Ward went
fishing. Lelia Ward
come and done some sweeping.
I put away
some quilts this
morning and churned
and got dinner. This
evening I got Mabel
to sleep. Johnson Reynols
come a few minutes this
morning. Kate come a
little while. She wanted
cymbling seed.
The children went to
school. Ben finished
Henrys clown suit
this evening.
I killed a hen this
evening. Mabel got
a letter from Evelyntoday. Whe was glad
to [pen ran off page?].

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"Brand". I suppose that she could mean "bran". Cymbling is a type of flattened squash often called "pattypan" these days.As a kid, I always heard it pronounced "simlin".