Saturday, March 3, 1923




A beautiful day. Warm.
Mabel has played out of
doors for the first time
this year. The men folks
hauled in some feed.
Nellie done most of
the cooking and churned
and killed a chicken.
This evening I washed
some the clothes.
Dried and I ironed
them. Irvin harvey
come for some
butter. He got two
pounds. Kate Hulel[?] and
& Christenia Reynols
come. They got one
Henry and his father
went to Mr. Mayhews
to play games.
Franklin cried to go
and Edna wanted to
go. They did not.

Notes and Questions

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The bit about the women coming for butter was not clear to me since I could not identify the second name and do not know if it is a given name or a surname.