Saturday, February 10, 1923




A cloudy day. The men folks put a lot of wood under the
porch. I am glad that it is done. Ben and Henry walked to
Straight Stone this evening. Got Edna some overshoes. She is
so glad of them. Nellie done most of the cooking. I churned
and washed a little for Mabel. Nellie let Mabel go with her to her room this evening. She was so glad to go. Endna and Franklin helped to get in wood. I hope that all of the sick are better and will get well. George Blair come for some work that John Ward had done for him.

Notes and Questions

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Autolink did not recognize Straightstone or John Ward. I used the proper spelling Straightstone rather than the way that she spelled it. As for Ward, when I first ran autolink, the name not capitalized and that may have confused it.


Would it not be Straight Stone as two words?


I was still getting used to Julia's wording. She typically spells it as Strait Stone.