Saturday, February 3, 1923




Rain a gain today. Jim hung up the meat today. Ben painted most
of the day. I think he done a good job. Nellie cleaned up some.
I got dinner except corn bread. I put feathers in some pillow
ticks and a bolster. Nellie washed her dress today. Mrs Carr
sent Mabel dresses and two shirts by mail today. Nellie
bathed her and put some of them on her. Henry went to
Mt. Airy and Renan today. There is lots of sickness yet. There
was a ??? carried by her today. A Mrs. Waller I do hope that time
will get better soon.

Notes and Questions

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The last couple lines don't make much sense. She may have been very sleepy when she wrote it.

Ben W. Brumfield

Could that be: "There is lots of sickness/yet. There was a burial/carried by her today/A Mrs. Waller. I do/hope that time[s] will get/better soon."?