Wednesday, January 24, 1923




Snowed last night and this morning. The land is covered with snow tonight but it is warmer now than yesterday. The men could not do much of anything to day. Ben went to Renan. Jim went to Mr. Bookers. There is some one sick at nearly every house. Earl Bennett was here today about fertilizer. Nellie got a letter from Evyline. She is sick and Nellie is so distressed she did not eat any supper. I am sorry for her but can't do any thing that would do any good. Henry and Edna went to school. Franklin and Mabel has had a good time today.
I finished Carries quilt ready to quilt to night. I set a hen today.

Notes and Questions

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I assume that the bit about the quilt means that she finished sewing together the pieces and is now going to assemble the top with the batting and back part and quilt it. The line about the hen and Mabel does not make make much sense but after all, this was probably written when she was sleepy.


I think the word you saw as Mabel is 'night'. by mkstewart


I think the word you saw as Mabel is 'night'.