Tuesday, January 2, 1923




A good day Ben & Jim
stripped tobacco all day
execpt a little while this morning
Ben started to Gretna before
light for medicine for Josie
he got Home by 9 oclock.

The children went to School
Edna is complaining tonight
I had a postal from Carrie
saying that all of them had
bin sick but Marvin. I hope
they are better by now

Josie has been bad off all
day. Mrs. Kellie & Mrs. Blair
come to see Josie They brought
her several nice things.

Mollie Reynols come a
little while. She gave me
a nice pin that she &
Julia sought for me &
am I proud of it. Hattie
washed here today I am
glad of that. I have bin
busy all day.

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