Sun., Jan. 14, 1923

"Josie" was Uncle Ben Brumfield's
first wife. Mrs. Carr was
Aunt Josie's mother.

Jan. 23

"Mrs. Cook" was sister to
K. Johnson Reynolds.

Jan. 28

"Alice Thompson died
last night . . . ."


May you treasure this little
1923 diary written by
Grandmother Julia Brumfield
as much as I do.


Notes and Questions

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The year is 1913 not 1923. That is how they wrote ones back then. It is very clear at the bottom mention of the date.

Sara Brumfield

I think it's clearer when you page on to the next couple of days. The printed page headers show it's definitely 1923.


Also, assuming the dates are in order on this page, they would go Jan 14, Jan 23, Jan 28 -- and the "2" in "Jan 23" matches the "2" in the bottom date.