Friday, March 17, 1922




A good day. Ben & Jim
worked on the garden fence
all the morning. This evening
they helped cut wood
at Mag Brumfields. They
went on the car. I went
with them. I went to Kates
and then we went to Mags.
I saw Doris & Virginia & Hellen.
They all looked very nice.
I got dinner at home.
We had turnip salit. We
have had good neighbors to
send us salid. Hattie Gilbert
washed here today. Josie
baked a cake today as nice
as one could wish. Mag
had a very nice dinner today.
I eat some with her this evening.

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I chose this date because it is my wedding date (2001 though)


Corrected and edited per standard. Proofread.