Monday, January 23, 1922




A cloudy day. No rain yet.
Jim and Ben shucked some
corn and fed the cows the
stalks. Then hauled some
wood. Josie made some
bats for her quilt. I [ put up?]
some hens. Expect to kill
them tomorrow.
This evening I went to
Johnson Reynolds. Found
them well. [Johnson] was
stripping tobacco.
The children here are better
of their sore mouths. I do
hope that they very soon
be well. I am so sorry
for them all that are sick.
I want to hear from Carrie & [family]
so bad.

Notes and Questions

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Cannot read the word between 'I' and 'some hens'. How do you indicate that after 'Carrie & family' the writing goes up? Is it important? I am not sure it says 'so leave'.


Just poking around the site and saw this note. I think the word there is: "pict up" as in, picked up. The "p"s match the "p"s in "stripping" a few lines below.


Edited. I believe it is "put up some hens." I recognize her "p". Proofread.