Saturday February  5, 1921

Saturday February 5, 1921

A cloudy day. Jim and Ben and Owen shucked some corn and toated stalk to the cows then stripped tobacco. Hattie washed some here today. Josie got dinner & supper.

Made a place for little chickens and mended some this evening. Josie went to Carries. I staid with the children. Annie and Ta??ie Doss come. Brought the suit case home. I have got a very bad colde. Hope it will be better soon.

I am so near a sleep that I cant write much.

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Sunday February  6, 1921

Sunday February 6, 1921

A beautiful day. Preaching at Strait Stone. We was all at home at dinner. Ben and family went to Jim Powers. They had plenty of company.

Jim roved a round all evening. I went to Marvins. Some of their children has very bad colds. Mr Owen went to meet his daughter at Long Island. He went on the buggy.

8 oclock

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Monday February  7, 1921

Monday February 7, 1921

A good day. Ben & Jim burned a plant bed. Ben went to see a man about cutting some wood. Josie went with him. Mr Owen finished stripping tobacco. I went to Marvins a little while. Kate Harvey was there. She did not stay long.

William Gilbert moved to Mr Billie Lewis's to day. We will miss William.

Henry & Edna went to school today.

8:30 oclock

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Tuesday February  8, 1921

Tuesday February 8, 1921

A good day. Cloudy tonight. Ben & Jim worked on their plant bed this morning. This evening Ben helped Mr Owen load on some tobacco. Mr Cothram come to look at a cow. He did not decide what he would do about takeing her. Josie washed all the morning. Some thing that she should not do if I could help it but I cant.

I went to George Blairs this evening. Denia and Cordie was all of the family that I saw. Isla was stripping tobacco. Heard today that Mr Hutchersons little pet dog was dead. I know they were sorry a bout it getting killed.

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Wednesday February  9, 1921

Wednesday February 9, 1921

A bad day. Rained morning and evening. Jim hung up the meat ready to smoke. Ben helped Marvin hang up his. Then they stripped tobacco the rest of the day. I got dinner. Killed a chicken and cooked beans. Josie made Edna a dress. She is proud of it.

Mr Sam Owen went to Gretna with his last tobacco. I was uneasy a bout the tobacco. So a fraid it would get wet. It solde very well and he got home about night. Henry and Edna went to school.

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