Thursday January  6, 1921

Thursday January 6, 1921

A very good day. Jim stripped tobacco. Ben sawed wood for Mag Brumfield. Henry and Edna went to school. Josie got dinner. She baked a peach pie. I certainly did enjoy it. Hattie Gilbert and washed a big washing for us to do.

I am not well a bit. Hope I will soon feel better.

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Friday January  7, 1921

Friday January 7, 1921

A good day. Jim and Owen stripped tobacco most of the day. Ben sawed wood for Lee Brumfield. Tonight Jim & Ben has gone to the school house to a farmers meeting.

Josie and I ironed most of the day. I stewed pumpkin today the last that we have. I went to Marvins a few minutes. Carrie was ironing. Marvin and William was getting up corn.

Kate Hubbard baby is very sick. I hope he may get well a gain.

Jim & Ben has got home.

10 oclock

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Saturday January  8, 1921

Saturday January 8, 1921

A cloudy day. No rain yet. Ben & Jim stripped tobacco all day. Mr Owen helped a little. I got dinner. I boiled the last hog face and baked the last potatoe pumpkin. Josie made Edna a dress and Mabel two caps. I think that Mabel was quieter than she has ever bin since she could walk. Carrie come a few minutes. She brought some apples. They was highely appreciated.

Jim & Ben went to Strait Stone tonight. I went to sleep and dropped my book. Josie and Henry and Edna are playing cards.

8 oclock

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Sunday January  9, 1921

Sunday January 9, 1921

A cloudy morning. Rained a little. Hailed and snowed all day. I milked & churned and set by the fire most of the time. Josie got dinner & supper. She cooked white beans and baked a cake. Jim and Ben went to Marvins. this morning. Marvin come here this evening.

I want to go to see Mag & Kate and Grace when the weather is good. There is so much to be done I can't go. I am not well. I hope I will feel better soon.

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Monday January 10, 1921

Monday January 10, 1921

A bad morning. Snowed until twelve oclock.

Ben made the fire in the stove and the fire place for the first time this winter. Ben milked for me. I was glad as it was so bad. Ben & Jim stripped tobacco. Owen helped them some. Josie sowed some. Made three aprons and a blouse. I done what cooking was done. The children did not go to school.

Heard tonight that Kate Hubbards baby was some better. I hope he may get well. Ben has a bad colde tonight. Hope he may soon feel better.

Josie and some of the children has sore eyes.

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