Monday December 19, 1921




A good day. Jim and Ben
shucked some corn and
hauled stalks and put in
the stable. Josie washed dishes
and milked the cows. I went
to Chatham with Johson &
Mollie Reynols. Clack Hubbard
and Christenia Reynols went
with them also. I dont think
any body bought much.
They ask such prices for what they
had to sell. Henry & Edna
went to school. Franklin is not
well. Virginia Harvey come
here and Josie and Virginia made
candy for to treat the school
children on Wednesday.
I had a good day. I met with
several of my kind folks and
acquaintances. I was so glad to
go and every thing [?] of good.
Alice Thomson was at Chatham.

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