Tuesday December 13, 1921




A cool windy day. Jim & Ben
shucked some corn. The wind
blowed so that they could hardly
shuck. I boiled some hogs
ears for dinner. Josie made
bread & coffee. I put feathers
in Josies new bed tick this
morning. This evening I went
to the store and bought a few
things. I walked up there
& back. I brought back 7
pounds 6 of coffee & one of soda.
I went to see Kate Harvey
a few minutes. She was busy
fixing up after hog killing.
I come by Mollies. They
were very busy abought
their land & sausage. I did
not stay to bother them long.
I have bin working on a quilt.
Tonight little Mabel is up yet.
I hear her talking.
8:30 oclock

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