Thursday December 8, 1921




A cloudy day. No rain until a
bout night. Marvin moved his
family to Gretna today and
Norman Booker moved to the place
that he moved from. Ben went with
a load. Lee Brumfield & Johnson Reynolds
and Willie Mayhew all carried
a load. The family went on the car.
Nellie Brumfield went with them
on her way home. William Gilbert
and Reese Smith carried the cows.
Alcie Callender washed here
today and helped me clean
the hog faces. I cleaned the
feet myself. Virginia Harvey
come today. Josie and Virginia
made some candy. Josie fried
sausag and caned some.
She got dinner & supper.
Jim helped Norman Booker
put up his range this evening.
I hope they all will be pleased
with the change they made.

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