Sunday November 20, 1921




A cloudy day & some rain.
We all was at home until
after dinner. Josie and I got
dinner. I killed and dressed
two chickens and fried them.
Josie baked some pies. I
churned this evening. Jim
went to see John Hutchersons
hogs. Met up with Mr Jess[?]
& Willie Hutcherson and Will
Alen and spent the evening
walking and talking. Henry
B went to Dr Owens. He
rode Jake, Bens horse. The [?]
broke and Henry fell off. It
did not hurt him.
Ben & Josie, Edna & Franklin
and Mabel and I went to
Marvins. They were all well.
One of the turkeys is sick
and I expect it will die.

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