Friday November 4, 1921




A good day. Jim went to Chatham.
Ben carried him. He carried
several things. I went with him.
We got home a little after dark.
I did not go in a store. We
did not have time. Henry &
Franklin went to school.
Today is Otho Blairs birth
day. I have thought of many
things that happened that day
and of the people that was
liveing them that have passed a
way. Preacher Damron [?] staid at
our house the night before Otho was
born. He is dead. Henry Henry
Brumfield & Dr Wooding are
both gone and all have to go soon.
Mrs Car is here with us yet I am
glad for her to be here anytime
she will. Josie has bin busy all
day and has a head ache tonight.
I have not seen Kate in a long time
until this evening.

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