Tuesday October 25, 1921




A clear warm day. Not a cloud
in sight. The wind is blowing
tonight. Jim helped Marvin today.
Ben did not. Josie has bin bad
off all day. She is not suffering
so bad tonight. I hope she will
soon be up a gain. Mrs Edmons
& Grace Brumfield and Kate Harvey
come to see her today. Ben
went for Mrs Car this morning.
She was gone to Lynchburg. He
has gone there after her. They
have not got here yet. I am
sorry that the wind is blowing
so hard. I have not bin to
Marvins this week. Hope Josie
may be well enough that I
can go soon. Henry & Edna
went to school to day.
Mabel has bin good for her.

I started Alma Bennett a letter
today. Would be glad to hear from
Willies folks.

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