Saturday October 22, 1921




A bright day. Not a cloud in
sight. Jim stripped tobacco.
Ben shelled some corn. Josie is
very much complaining with her
jaw. I know she suffers with it.

This evening Ben & Henry went
to the mill. Henry drove the team
as far as Mount Airy. Reese carried
me to White Fall on Bens car.
I did not catch any fish. Ben
did not get his grain ground. I
went by Marvins this evening. Carrie
was looking better than she did yesterday.
I hope that Josie & Carrie may be well soon.

Well my birth day has bin a disapointment.
I had hoped to catch some fish and
I think Josie felt so bad that she
freted with me all day. Reese gave
me a little sack of candy for my birthday.
John & Edwin and Christenia is here.
Christenia is sick to night. I am so sorry.
I hope to see some more birth days
but I may not. I am 75.

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