Tuesday August 23, 1921




A good day. Jim & Ben
hauled wood to the barn.
They are thinking a bout
cutting tobacco tomorrow.

Josie milked two cows
and churned and got dinner.

Marvin carried Grace &
I to Worshams pond.
We fished all the morning.
Did not catch anything.
We had dinner with
us and enjoyed it.

I wish I was close to
the pond so I could go
and not bother no one.
I am willing to worke
as much as I am able.
That is a bout all that
I ask them to take me
and some times they wont
do that. I know that I give
them here trouble.

Notes and Questions

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Ben W. Brumfield

Linda had transcribed the last line as "I know that I give them some trouble", but I think that the handwriting more closely matches "I know that I give them here trouble". However, I'm not at all certain about that.

Linda Tucker

You are absolutely right, Ben. It's clearly "here."