Monday August 8, 1921




A good day. A little rain this
morning. John & Edwin went
from here this mornin. Ben &
Jim worked on the floor
all day. Ben went for cement
late this evening. Josie
went with him. The children
staid at Marvins. I went
to George Blairs this evening.
They had a lot of company.

Lettie & her children was
there. Mrs Anderson & Maud
and Lizzie, Sallie Blair,
Letcher and Ernest Craddock.
Tim and Lizzie Bennett
come by on their way
home from the Red House.

Georges folks had plenty
of water mellons. They
had a nice supper ready.
I don't know how many
eat. I had to come home.

Notes and Questions

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Linda Tucker

This is the second time I've read about the red house, but I forgot to ask before. Should that be capitalized? Is Red the name of the occupants?