Thursday June 23, 1921




A good day. Jim & Ben
finished cutting oats and
went to night after supper
to cap them. They hope that
it will rain by morning. They
got up some rye this evening.
Josie went to see Julia Fergerson
& her baby this morning.

Carrie & all of her children
and I went to see Julia
this evening. They had a lot
of company. Grace Brumfield
& Sallie Blair, Kate Harvey,
Alice Thomson and all of her
children and I went to
Mollies but I did hear
any news of importance.

Notes and Questions

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Linda Tucker

Do you understand Julia to be saying that all those people went with her to see Mollie, or that they were Julia's company and that Julia, alone, went to Mollie's?

Ben W. Brumfield

I see the itinerary as this:
Josie goes to Julia Ferguson's in the morning.
Julia (Brumfield) goes to Carries in the evening, and from there Julia, Carrie, and family go to visit Julia Ferguson, who already has lots of visitors.
From Julia Ferguson's, Julia Brumfield accompanies Grace, Sallie, Kate and Alice to Mollie Reynolds'.
So I agree with your punctuation.