Saturday June 18, 1921




A good day. I went to
Chatham from Lizzies.

Marvin and family come
up there. Marvin & Jim
Brumfield went to Chatham.
Jim staid. I come home
with them. Marvin & Carrie,
Will and Julia Brumfield & Emily
was here when I got
home. I dont feel like here
is home any more.
I may be mean to feel
that way but I cant
help it. I feel that others
think they are so smart
that I am a mere nobody.

I was so glad that
they come for me so
as to trouble no one
else. Saturday night
June the 18th 1921

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Ben W. Brumfield

You've got to feel for her -- she's away from home for two weeks and returns to find the house filled with her city relations and the heart-breaking news that Carrie and her family will be moving away.